Current Activities

Growth CentreMarkets, Union Parishad ComplexBhabans, Server Station for Electoral DatabaseProject, Govt. Primary School, Registered non Govt. Primary School & PTIDevelopment,  Roads & Bridges on different categories of Roads, RuralEmployment & Road Maintenance Programme by Distressed Women etc. are implementingby Different Projects of LGED at this Tangail District.

List of Projects Name is given below:

1.  Rural Road and Culvert Maintenance

2.  Important Rural Infrastructure Development Projecton Priority Basis(IRIDP)

3.  Construction of Upazila and Regional ServerStations for Electoral Data Base Project.

4.  Second Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project(RIIP-II).

5.  Improvementof Approach Roads for Bridge/Culverts Project

6.  Project for Improvement of Rural Road, Hat-BazarInfrastructures on Priority Basis.

7.  Union Connecting Road Infrastructure DevelopmentProject: Greater Mymensingh District.

8.  RuralInfrastructure Development (Public Priority Rural Communication & RuralMarket Development and Rehabilitation) Project (2nd Phase).

9.  RuralInfrastructure Development Project : Greater Dhaka, Tangail & KishoregonjDistricts.

10.SmallScale Water Development Project in Greater Mymensingh, Sylhet and FaridpurAreas.

11.RuralEmployment and Road Maintenance Programme.

12.Constructionof Large Bridges on Upazila & Union Roads Project.

13.Development ofImportant Rural Infrastructures Project(DIRIP)

14.Rural TransportImprovement Project-II(RTIP-II)

15.PrimaryEducation Development Programme (PEDP-III).

16 Construction of Newly created & RiverEroded Upazila Complex Project.

17.UpazilaComplex Bhaban Expanded Project.

18.GovernmentPrimary School Re-construction & Renovation Project (2nd Phase).

19.RegisteredNon-government Primary School Project (3rd Phase).

List of important on going scheme’s namegiven below:.  

1. Improvementof Nagarpur-Mirzapur GC via Mokna Road from Ch. 2+200-7+150km under NagarpurUpazila, Dist. Tangail

2. Constructionof 100m long RCC Grader Bridge over Branch of Dhaleshwari River on Helorabazar-Pardighi via Tholpara road at Ch. 850m under Mirzapur  Upazila, Dist.Tangail. ID No- 393664078.

3. Constructionof 80.00m RCC Girder Bridge on Dhala Para-Dew Para Road Road at Ch.0.400Km. 

4. Constructionof 95.00m RCC Bridge on  Tangail-KakuaBazar via Dhalan Shibpur Bazar Kakua UP Road at Ch. 9817Km under Tangail SadarUpazila, District: Tangail. 

5. Constructionof 99.00m PC Girder Bridge on  BaroBashalia-Kuzbari Road at Ch. 1.500Km under Tangail Sadar Upazila, District:Tangail.

6. Constructionof 300.00m PC Girder Bridge on Mirzapur-Pathargata at Ch. 550m under MirzapurUpazila, Disstrict: Tangail

7. Construction  of 60.00m Long RCC Girder Bridge overBongshai River on Golabari-Kuribari Nakibari Pacca Road-Salikha Dhakhil Madrasa Ghat Road at Ch. 3.000Km underDhanbari Upazila, District: Tangail

8. Constructionof 72.00m Long RCC Girder Bridge on Nagarbari-Maloti Road at Ch. 0.150m underKalihati Upazila, District: Tangail

9. Constructionof 78.00m Bridge over Hawdha Bill in Jasim Uddin Ghat on Britee Bari -Jagirachala Road (Eakub Ali Madrasha) - Jalachatra Mission Road at Ch. 0+500Kmunder Madhupur Upazila, District: Tangail [ID No. 393575089]

10.   Improvementof Mirzapur – Pathorghata - Takterchala Road from Ch. 14+207 - 15+207km, 8+961– 12+910, 11+790km, 14+1000 & 14+400km under Mirzapur Upazila, Dist,Tangail [ID. No.393662006]

11.Mirzapur-Amtali-Talipara-KamarparaRoad (Mirzapur H/Q.-Haria Bazar via Kamarpara Bazar Road) (ID: 393663001) 1)Part A: Bituminous Carpeting Works-1.00 Km (Ch. 6+408 Km to 7+408 Km), 2) PartB: Rehabilitation works = 2.00 Km,  (Ch.3+250 Km to  4+250 Km) & 3) Part C:Structure Works =01 No & 3.50 m (at Ch. 4+450 Km)

12. Rehabilitation and Periodic Maintenance of SurujG.C-Dhalapara G.C Road from Ch.8+000-17+890km under Upazila : Kalihati,District:Tangail.

Tangail At a Glance
Area: 3414km2
Upazila Road: 840.31 km
Union Road: 1125.17Km
Village Road: 3868.11Km VA
4603.58Km VB
Population: 3605083
Density: 1056Km2
Literacy: 46.80%
No. of Upazila: 12
No. of Union: 107
No. of Pourashava: 11
No. of Primary School: 1477
No. of High School: 559
No. of College: 59
Procurment, Tangail