Current Activities

Construction& Maintenances of Roads/ Bridges/ culverts, Primary School Buildings, Growth CenterMarket/Hat Bazar, Unionparishad Complex Bhabans, Hydraulic Structures forirrigation purpose, Cyclone/ Flood Shelter etc. and also providing thetechnical assistance to Union Parishad/ Upazila Parishasd.

List of few projects name is given below:-

1. Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila & Union Road(LBC).

2. Construction of Upazila Muktizoddha Complex(CUMCP) 

3. Important Rural Infrastructure development Project on Priority Basis Project-2 (IRIDP-2).


5. Flood and Disaster Damaged Rural Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (FDDRIRP).

6.  Irrigation infrastructure under IWRMU (O&M) .

7. Greater Bogra & Pabna Rural Infrastructure development Project(GPBRIDP).

8. General Social Infrastructure Development Project.(GSIDP).


10. Preservation & Reconstruction of Muktijuddho Memoial Project

11. Conservation of Historical Sites of Liberation War & Construction of Muktijuddho Memorial Museum(CHSMMP)

12. Important Bridges on Rural Roads(CIBRR).

13. Small Scale Water Resources Sector Project(SSSWRDP)

14. Construction of Town and Union Land Office across the Country(TULO).

15. Sirajganj District Improtant Rural Infrastructure  development Project.(SDIRIDP).


17. Rural Road & Culvert Maintenance (GOBM)
19. Construction of under 100m Bridge on Upazila,Union & Village Road Project(UHBP).
20. Countrywide Rural Market Infrastructure Development Project (CRMIDP)
21. Improvement of  Ponds, Canals Across the Country Project(IPCP).
22. Village Road Rehabilitation Project (VRRP).
23.  Important Rural Infrastructure development Project on Priority Basis Project-2 (IRIDP-3).

List of Important on going scheme’s name is given below:-

1. Construction of 294m long PSC Girder Bridge over the river Fulzor at Ch.250m on Barahar UP office-Tatulia Hat road under Ullapara Upazila, District: Sirajganj[Road ID:188943012]

2. Construction of 96m long PSC Girder Main Bridge and 88m Viaduct Over Jamuna Branch river on Natuapara UP- Chargirish UP Roghunathpur Bazaar road at Ch.4000m under Kazipur Upazila District Sirajganj Road ID 188503017.

3.Construction of 96.0m Long PSC Girder Bridge on Bhangabari UP- Joknala Kali Mondir at Ch. 2245m (Road ID: 188113013) Upazila: Belkuchi, District: Sirajganj. CBU-100/Purto-184.

4.Construction of 81.0m Long PSC Girder Bridge on Monsurgor UP-Shalal Hat Road at Ch. 1448m (Road ID: 188503015) Upazila: Kazipur, District: Sirajganj. CBU-100/Purto-186.

5. Construction of 90.00 m long PC Girder Bridge on Ullapara Upazila HQ - Chala Bazar via Pertetulia road at CH. 100 m under Ullapara Upazila District Sirajganj. Road ID 188943032.

6. Construction of 81.00m long PC Girder Bridge on Nur-Nagar Uttarpara (RHD)-Olipur via Nur-Nagar GPS over Fuljore River under Kamarkhand  upazila, Sirajgonj.

7. Construction of 75.06m Long PC Girder Bridge on Porabari Hat-Saydabad UP Road  under Sadar Upazila. Dist: Sirajganj, SDIRIDP/SAD/18/ST/UNR-04(ID No. 188783015), at Ch. 50.00m.

8. Construction of 96.00m Lng PSC Girder Bridge at Upazila Headquarter-Garabari RHD via Borohor UP Tetulia  Hat Road over Baroiya Khal Road under Ullapara Upazila, Dist: Sirajganj, SDIRIDP/ULLA/18/UZR-06 (ID No: 188942017) Ch.1180m,.

9. Construction of 99m at Ch.5+200 Km on Tarash UP Office - Nadosayedpur hat Road Under tarash upazila.

10. Rehabilitation of (a) Tarash UZHQ-Katagari GC(ID-188892003) Ch. 0+000-11+590 and (b)Baruhash GC - Ranirhat GC(ID-188892006)   Ch. 8+800-15+000 .

11.Rehabilitation of Upzila H/Q(Jamtoil GC) DR (near Alokdiar)-Balarampur GC(ID-188442001)  Ch. 0+000-8+300

12. Bagbati GC - Shaluavita Bazar RHD via Pipulbaria  Bazar, Songacha UP & Panchthakuri hat (Ch.00-12040m).

13. Shialkole (UP)Poultry Farm-Dhukuria hat( Ch. 00-6055m).

14. Construction of Two (2) Storied Rural Market Building ( With 04 Storied Foundation) in Gulta Hat,Under,Tarash Upazila , Dist.Sirajganj.

15. Construction of Two (2) Storied Rural Market Building ( With 04 Storied Foundation) in Protab Hat, Under,Ullahpara Upazila , Dist. Sirajganj.

16. 1. Improvement of Jamtoil West Bazar to Jamtoil Muktijudder Smriti Shoudha Road Ch. 00-312m Under Kamarkhand Upazila, Dist: Sirajganj. ( Road ID: 188444090) 2. A) Improvement of Jamtoil Central Jame-e-Mosque to Jamtoil Muktijudder Smriti Shoudha Including 6.00 Nos Connecting Road Ch.00-375m ( Effective length= 584m) Under Jamtoil Sadar Union Under Kamarkhand Upazila, Dist: Sirajganj. ( Road ID: 188444089). B) Construction of Somabesh Square in front of Kamarkhand Upazila Parishad Administrative Building Under Jamtoil Sadar Union Under Kamarkhand Upazila, Dist: Sirajgonj. (Salvage: 1. 357684 tk & 2. 785914 tk) 

17.Improvement of  Sayedpur Wapda bandh-Jamuna River via Sayedpur GPS Road Under ShahzapurUpzila, Dist; Sirajganj. SDIRIDP/SHA/18/IMP/VIL-173 (ID No: 188674077) (Ch. 00-981m) link-210m  1191m.

18.Construction of Submersible Road on Choto Maharajpur RHD (Graveyard)-Porjana UP office Road under Shahzadpur Upazila, Dist: Sirajganj, SDIRIDP/SHA/18/SUB/VIL-160 (ID No: 188674112) (Ch.00-1435m)

19. Improvment of  Ratankandi Hat - Dhunail hat via Kuthibari hat bagdhunail GPS Road under Shahzadpur Upazila, Dist: Serajganj. SDIRIDP/SHA/18/SUB/VIL-130(ID No: 188674045) (Ch. 00-2009m).

20. Improvement of BC on Jamtoil GC-Bhadraghat GC road (Uttarpara)-Choirganti uzr via meghai village road under Kamarkhand Upzila, Dist; Serajganj, SDIRIDP/KAM/18/IMP/VIL-186 (ID No: 188444038) (Ch:280-1950m) 1650m.

Sirajganj At a Glance
Area: 2498km2
Upazila Road: 717.5 km
Union Road: 706.43Km
Village Road: 3079.48Km VA
2103.67Km VB
Population: 2707011
Density: 1084Km2
Literacy: 68%
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 82
No. of Pourashava: 6
No. of Primary School: 1563
No. of High School: 255
No. of College: 42
Procurment, Sirajganj