About Barguna

There is history behind the creation of the world, there is also history behind creating its smallest terrain. Barguna District is situated on the southern side of the sea, in the mouth of the oceans, pheas and the rising land of the Harinaghata river. The entire territory of this district was one day in the Sundarbans area. In the evolution of time, the people started gradually cutting the Sundarbans and started creating populations, and as a result, today's Barguna dis... [more]
Barguna At a Glance
Area: 1939km2
Upazila Road: 464.33 km
Union Road: 567.8Km
Village Road: 2712.52Km VA
2598.65Km VB
Population: 927890 (2011)
Density: 479Km2
Literacy: 57.60%
No. of Upazila: 6
No. of Union: 45
No. of Pourashava: 4
No. of Primary School: 732
No. of High School: 177
No. of College: 24
Procurment, Barguna