Impact of globalization and sparkling progress of ICT have brought significant change in socio-economic, political aspects as well as in various government & non-government organizations of all countries including Bangladesh. The standard of livelihood has been increased and citizen benefits are more easily available. As people are more concerned now about their rights, they demand better service from the government. In this changed scenario public sector is going through a re-form process. In this reality initiatives have been taken to deliver the benefits of government’s institutional reform activities in stipulated time and planned manner. To enhance dynamism and capacity for innovation in public administration for enduring sustainability of e-governance and to introduce the culture of innovative practices that would accelerate & simplify the citizen service delivery process, the Government has decided to form an Innovation Team in each Ministry/Division. The team is led by Chief Innovation Officer and in each Directorate/Agency/District/Upazila level led by Innovation Officer.

Persons with higher training/education, willing to take additional responsibilities, interested in creative activities, able to lead, convenient to work in team environment, and tendency to cooperate others, etc may be considered to select an officer as Innovation Team member.

The Innovation Team is responsible to

  • Bring qualitative changes in the internal work process and service delivery in respective office

  • Prepare annual action plan on above and taking approval of the plan in monthly coordination meeting at the beginning of the year and ensure implementation of the plan

  • Organize monthly Innovation Team meeting and review performance in monthly coordination meeting regularly

  • Communicate and coordinate with other Innovation Teams at ministry/ division/ department/ district/ upazila level as necessary

  • Prepare yearly report on innovative efforts/practices of respective office by 31 January of every year, submit it to the Cabinet Division and publish on respective website.

LGED Innovation Team:

Name Designation Contact
Innovation Officer
Shaikh Muzakka Zaher Superintending Engineer (Planning), LGED HQ Mobile: 01715350723, e-mail: se.planning@lged.gov.bd
Innovation Team Members
Md. Wahiduzzaman Coordinator, ROSC-II, LGED HQ Mobile: 01711131588, e-mail: zamankln_lged@yahoo.com
Proshanto Kumar Koberaz System Analyst, LGED Mobile: 01717736574, e-mail: systemanalyst@lged.gov.bd
Md. Sohel Rana Senior Assistant Engineer & Section In-charge, GIS Section, LGED HQ. Mobile: 01716265951, e-mail: sohel_lged76@yahoo.com
Mohammad Zakir Hossain Senior Assistant Engineer & Section In-charge, MIS Section, LGED HQ. Mobile: 01819723849, e-mail: z.hossain112@gmail.com

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Innovation Instructions LGED

Hon'ble Minister
Hon'ble State Minister
Senior Secretary

Mr. Helal Uddin Ahmed
Chief Engineer, LGED