Project Scheme Detail List
SL No. Package No. Name Length (Km) Allotment (Lac) Name of Contractor Contract Amount (Lac) Date of Commencement Date of Completion Physical Progress (%) Date of Progress Update Remarks
1 Pangsha
1 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-388 (A). improvement of B.C road at Pangsha Tempu stand to old Taj Cenama holl (Ch 0.00- 500.00 m) ,word no. 06 ,under Pangsha Paurashava ,Rajbari .(B ).improvement of B.C road at Pangsha sub-rejestar office to Collage road (anup datto road ) (Ch 0.00- 410.00 m) ,word no. 04 ,under Pangsha Paurashava ,Rajbari .(C). improvement of B.C road at Pangsha Langol Bad road to Roghonathpur abdul salam house (Ch 0.00- 482.00 m) ,word no. 09 ,under Pangsha Paurashava ,Rajbari . 1.3920 91.350 M/S Rupali Construction 91.350 14/05/2023 56 27/09/2022 6.37% Less
2 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-389 Construction of RCC Drain from Myshaala Primari School to Dhaka Road Bridge via Jahuril house eard No.08 (Ch 0.00-430.00 m) under Pangsha Pourashava Pangsha Rajbari. 0.4300 91.397 M/S Rupali Construction 91.397 23/02/2023 0 27/09/2022 8.25% Less
3 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-386 Construction of RCC Road from Yeakub aali biddapit to Dol Vita (Ch 0.00-290.00 m) word No.03 under Pangsha Pourashava Pangsha Rajbari.A. Construction of RCC Road from Naryan pur Shokur Bissess house to Jenna Bissess house (Ch 0.00-370.00 m) word No.07 under Pangsha Pourashava Pangsha Rajbari. 0.2900 65.889 M/S Rupali Construction 65.889 23/02/2023 30 27/09/2022 7.13% Less
4 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-387 Construction of RCC road from Magoradingee Advokat Shoid House to Tota meya house and link Moksad house( Ch.00-850.00) Word No-07 Under Pangsha Pourashava Pangsha Rajbari 0.8500 102.539 M/S Rupali Construction 102.539 23/02/2023 40 27/09/2022 8.25% Less
5 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-322 A) Estimate for construction of RCC Road from Myshala Nemtola to Dhaka road link Kamarpara road under Pangsha Pourashava word no-08 Pangsha Rajbari.Ch.0.00-700.00mB) Estimate for construction of RCC Road at Narayanpur Collage road to Feroj house under Pangsha Pourash ava word no-06 Pangsha Rajbari.Ch.0.00-120.00m 0.8200 115.425 M/S Lorin Enterprise 115.425 14/04/2021 95 27/09/2022 7.13% Less
6 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-321 Estimate for RCC road at old rall line to Khobir Chairman house via Shoko house under Pangsha Pourashava word no-07 Pangsha Rajbari.Ch.00.00-1100.00 m. 1.1100 122.636 M/S Lorin Enterprise 122.636 28/04/2022 100 27/09/2022 7.14% Less
7 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-320 Estimate for construction of RCC Drain from Narayanpur Shokur Bissess house to Moddho Para Mosque vai Kalu Bissess and Jinna Bissess house Under Pangsha Pourashava word no-07 Pangsha Rajbari.Ch.00.00-1000.00 m. 204.652 M/S Jakaullah & Brothers 204.652 04/05/2021 05/05/2022 35 27/09/2022 6.67% Less
8 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-85 A. Etimate for extention RCC road in college road to Khalukhali Upozila road Ch.00m-510m under Pangsha porusova word no 05. District Rajbari. B. Esimate for rcc road myshala nimtola to Dr. Shrerdoto houise ch. 00m-280 m UnderPangsha word no: 08District Rajbari 0.7900 97.207 M/S Uttam Kumar 97.207 28/11/2021 100 27/09/2022 0.012% Less
9 UIIP-BC/PCO/W-84 Estimate for Re-Construction of RCC road from Dhaka road to Electric sub Station at Pangsha Pourashava Word no-06 Pangsha Rajbari.Ch.830.00 m. 0.8300 100.180 MD.Abul Kasem Soroar 100.180 05/04/2021 05/05/2022 100 27/09/2022 5.22% Less
Total : 6.5120 (Km) 991.28 (Lac) 991.28 (Lac)