Free Seminar: A journey for Knowledge (Background)

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) is a diversified and considered as the largest development organization of the country. LGED works in different domain of development arena of the country such as rural infrastructure, urban infrastructure, water resources management and social safety net or livelihood development projects. Apart from the conventional engineering projects of the country, LGED undertakes project that are more focused, outcome based and targets to poverty alleviation and rapid economic growth of the country. Therefore, the organization is always involved in huge a task that requires skill, dedication, innovation and out of the box thinking. Considering the organizational culture, LGED is always receptive to new ideas. LGED believes that organizational growth is best possible by personal growth, capacity building of its staff and team work.

The knowledge in development arena is never static. There is always new knowledge in the cards based on the lessons learnt from the projects or researches done by the academics. International Development Agencies are regularly adding new papers on their knowledge bank and introducing new practices in development. In this context, it is imperative that the LGED staff know the new dynamics of development as well as develop their own capacity in research, knowledge share and presentation. LGED has introduced a new platform ‘Free Seminar: A Journey for knowledge’ to host search for knowledge in development perspectives. Initiated by Planning Unit, it was launched by Mr. Md. Wahidur Rahman, Chief Engineer of LGED on 1st January, 2014. LGED staff welcomes this platform as a new horizon in thinking, innovation and capacity development.

Hon'ble Minister
Hon'ble State Minister
Senior Secretary

Mr. Helal Uddin Ahmed
Chief Engineer, LGED