Free Seminar: Seminar Paper

Seminar - 1 : Climate Change and Bangladesh: Optimization of Projects for LGED.
Resource Persons : Monzur Sadeque, Executive Engineer (Planning), LGED.
Date : 01/01/2014

summary of the presentation
LGED is considered as the largest development organization of the country. At the advent of climate change, the organization has undertaken a number of projects for mainstreaming climate change in development arena of the country. Yet, there are some potential projects under the framework of 'Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy & Action Plan, 2009' and 'National Water Management Plan, 2002'. The presentation outlined few projects of national importance as well as their funding scopes from three important sources.

Seminar - 2 : Green Building Technology
Resource Persons : Gopal Krishna Debnath, DPD, CRDP, LGED.
Date : 05/02/2014

summary of the presentation
At the advent of climate change, the world is in midst of a continued challenge regarding energy production & energy saving. As we consume a major part of energy at our homes and offices, now there are more researches on energy production and savings around the buildings that we work and dwell. This presentation reveals some of the latest technologies that are being used in the buildings of modern cities. We also see this technologies in Dhaka at some ‘intelligent and energy efficient building’. The presentation also focuses on possible application of these technology in the buildings that are constructed and maintained by LGED.

Hon'ble Minister
Hon'ble State Minister
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Mr. Helal Uddin Ahmed
Chief Engineer, LGED