Quality Control Unit


Achievement of Central Quality Control Unit (CQCU) of LGED

  • LGED establishes a modern set-up of standard quality control laboratory facilities with assistance from JICA.
  • Utilizing the technical  facilities, standard laboratory environmentand skilled manpower CQCU has been successfully undertaken and introduced thefollowing highly technical issues in the working practices at field level aspart of CQCU’s Research and Development (R&D) activities:

a) Introduction of locally sourced Fine Sand at ImprovedSub-grade, Sub-Base and Base Courses particularly for Southern Zone

b) Introduction of locally sourced Shingles at NorthernZone for the low and moderate strength Concrete as well as Sub-Base and BaseCourses of road works

  • Successfully introduces Pile Integrity Testingto ensure quality of huge piling works for different structures constructing byLGED around the country
  • Successfully introduce a very sophisticated Drilling Rig  in the subsoil investigation works at different important LGED projects
  • Introduction of an automatic and highly sophisticated Dutch Cone Penetration Test equipment as a unique subsoil investigation process
  • CQCU successfully creates a number of professional trainers within its setup
  • The unit undertakes numerous number of training courses for different layers of technical personnel of the department on relevant technical aspects and issues
  • Training on Quality Control presently has become a continuous process and successfully proves its necessity to higher the capability and capacity of the LGED as well as its professionals
  • CQCU got a qualified technical team to support man, machine and technical matters associated with different regional and district laboratories
  • CQCU team provides technical support to differentactivities as well as to solve technical issues and matters related todifferent LGED projects
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
Level-2,RDEC Bhaban; Agargaon,Shere Bangla Nagar Dhaka-1207 +88-02-9111307