Planning Section


The Planning Unit plays a central role to coordinate, organize and facilitate all sorts of project-linked activities from initiation to approval stages of project implementation cycle. It also has a cross-functional role with other units like GIS, maintenance, training, design, quality control etc. to tangent the organizational overall strategic planning to stream-up the line of achievements. However the generic functions of planning unit of LGED are as below:
  • Ensure that the LGED`s plans/projects/programs are consistent with the National Vision, Five Years Plan, Sustainable Development Goals, Perspective Plan, Budget Framework and national goals and objectives.
  • Provide inputs in preparing Medium Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF), and Annual Development Programs (ADPs) of LGED.
  • Coordinate Missions of Development Partners for project appraisals and periodic development reviews.
The Planning Unit is responsible for the preparation/revision/review of Development Project Proposal (DPP)/ Technical Project Proposal (TPP) and also for submitting those to its administrative ministry (Local Government Division of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives) for further processing and approval. In view of the reform initiatives taken in recent years, an attempt has been made to integrate the development planning with annual budgetary process through the implementation of Medium-Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF) with a resource envelop (budget ceiling) issued to each ministry early enough in the budget cycle.

Following are the major tasks undertaken by the Planning Unit:
  • Preparing of Preliminary Development Project Proposal (PDPP), Technical Assistance Project Proposal (TAPP) for newly planned projects
  • Coordination/Communication among Pre-Project Appraisal, Technical Assistance Consultant and Fact Finding Mission
  • Participating in workshops related to approval of new projects of LGED and workshop organized by other relevant ministry of government of Bangladesh
  • Establishing linkage of LGED’s development activity and future plan with existing government policy and strategies
  • Providing technical assistance to development projects undertaken by LGED
  • Acting as the focal unit for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation for LGED
  • Preparing Annual work plan on LGED undertaken development works
  • Duplication checking of Road schemes during project preparation
  • Preparing Five years work plan on LGED undertaken development works
  • Create linkage among Local Government Division (for planning new projects), Planning commission, Economic Relation Division and Ministry of Finance
  • Preserving/Archiving of study report prepared by PMU’s of development projects and using for future project planning
  • Carrying out the priory work assigned by Chief Engineer of LGED
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