Audit Section


Functions of Audit Unit


LGED spends a big chunk of the developmentbudget of the country under government and development- partner supportedprojects. Like every other governmentdepartments, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) as the head of theSupreme Audit Institution of Bangladesh mandated to conduct audit of LGED asper the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the relevantActs of the parliament.


LGED is exposed to mainly two audit directoratesunder the jurisdiction of the CAG, namely: Foreign Aided Projects AuditDirectorate (FAPAD) and Works Audit Directorate (currently under a new auditdirectorate that is ‘Hill tracts, Rural development and Local institution AuditDirectorate’). The number of pending audit observations of LGED with the twoAudit Directorates is around two thousands with different stages of maturityand risk levels.


TheAudit unit has been assisting the cost centers of LGED (i.e. district ExecutiveEngineers and Projects Directors offices), to the settlement of external audit observationsraised by the two audit directorates. Themain challenge before the Audit unit is to proper staffing of required level. However,the unit is now supported by some staffs under development projects. The main functionsof Audit unit is mentioned as below:



1). Among the ways to resolve thepending audit observations, bilateral/tripartite meeting is very use-full one. Toarrange bilateral and tripartite meetings the Audit unit liaisewith the Audit Directorates. The unit alsoprepare the schedules of bi-lateral and tri-partite meetings in coordinationwith the FAPAD/Works Audit Directorate/ Local Government Division.


2).The district office/project offices of LGEDprepare and submit audit (broad sheet) replies to the Audit unit. Audit unitexamine the relevancy of the replies and make necessary corrections beforesending it to the audit directorates for settlement.


3).The Audit unit arrangeon-job training at the field level staffs of LGED about the preparation ofaudit reply.


4).The Audit unit pay specialattention to the pending observations of the annual audit reports of theComptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh (CAG) and take initiative toresolve those observations. And also monitor the compliance of the auditobservations. 








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