Quality Control Unit


Key Functions of LGED Central Quality Control Unit

  • To supervise and monitor different activities of district laboratories;
  • To provide technical support to district laboratories in conducting routine jobs;
  • To conduct different Quality Control (QC) Test as per field requirement for high strength concrete, steel test and bitumen Marshall test etc;
  • To prepare technical specification of different laboratory equipment and related machineries;
  • To perform calibration of different load devices being used in LGED laboratories;
  • To conduct different experimental works as per LGED requirements;
  • To prepare categorized training manuals related to Quality Control (QC) issues;
  • To impart training program on Quality Control and Testing for LGED, LGI Engineers and Technicians;
  • To conduct quality audit on the civil works of LGED;
  • To conduct est on the engineering materials of different producers;
  • To conduct operation and maintenances of lab equipments;
  • To plan and budget of LGED laboratory functions;
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Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
Level-2, RDEC Bhaban; Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Dhaka-1207. +88-02-55006766