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office of the Upazila Engineer

Upazila:Atpara, District: Netrakona


Notification of Award

Memo No: Lged/U.E./Atp/Net/2014/ 13                                                                                Date:09/01/2014


Contract No:PEDP-III/NTK/ATP/2013-14/W2.2746



M/S Bhuyan Enterprise.Boro Bazar,Netrakona



This is to notify you that your Tender dated 23/12/2013 for the execution of the Works for Horizontal Extensio of (A) PAICKTHE (B) IKORATIA (C) Vertical Extension of JOGIRNAGUA GPS Under Atpara Upazila, District: Netrakona for the Contract Price of Tk: 1,23,82,321/-(Tk, One Crore Tweenty Three Lac Eighty Two Thousand Three Hundred Twenty one only) as corrected and modified in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderer, has been approved by Prior authority Upazila: Atpara, District: Netrakona.


You are thus requested to take following actions:

              i.                accept in writing the Notification of Award within seven (7) working days of its issuance pursuant to ITT Sub Clause 63.1

             ii.                furnish a Performance Security in the form as specified and in the amount of Tk.6,19,200/-(Six Lac Nineteen thousand Two Hundred only),within fourteen (14) days of acceptance of this Notification of Award  but not later than 22/01/2014, in accordance with ITT Clause 65.

            iii.                sign the Contract within twenty eight (28) days of issuance of this Notification of Award  but not later than 05/02/2014, in accordance with ITT Sub Clause 69.2.


You may proceed with the execution of the Works only upon completion of the above tasks. You may also please note that this Notification of Award shall constitute the formation of this Contract    which shall become binding upon you.

We attach the draft Contract and all other documents for your perusal and signature.



(A.K.M Azharul Islam)

Upazila Engineer




Memo No: Lged/U.E./atp/net/2014/ 13/1(10)                                                             Date:


01. The Additional chief Enginner (Maint), LGED Bhaban,(3rd Floor) , Dhaka-1207.

02. The Superintend Engineer LGED, Mymensingh zone , Mymensingh.

03. The Executive Engineer, LGED, District:Netrakona.

04. The Executive Engineer, office of the Superintend Engineer, LGED, Mymensing zone , Mymensing.

05. The District Primary Education Officers, District: Netrakona.

06. The Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Upazila : Atpara, District:Nerakona.

07. The Upazila Accounce officer, Upazila : Atpara, District:Nerakona.

08. The Upazila Education Officer, Upazila : Atpara, District:Netrakona.

09. The Head teacher Paickthe GPS,Ikoratia GPS & Jogirnagua GPS. Upazila : Atpara, District:Netrakona.

10. Office Copy.


(A.K.M Azharul Islam)

Upazila Engineer