LGED-bagerhat Achievement

Implementedsome remarkable roads & bridges at Bagerhat district under various RuralDevelopment Projects under LGED.

  1. Kachua-Gazalia road (11.84Km).
  2. Barakpur-Chulkathi-Polerhat road (11.56Km).
  3. Mongla-Joymonirgol via Chila GC road (17.25Km).
  4. Baniakhali-Morrelgonj Bazar (12.25km)
  5. Kachua-Banagram (Badhal) - pingura RHD road (12.30km).
  6. Charkhulia-Kachuria GC road (10.32km)
  7. Rayenda GC-Baniakhali GC road (8.86km)
  8. Foyla-Chaksree GC road (6.96km)
  9. Lakpur Bazar-Thana HQ road (9.75km)
  10. Chitalmari-Bakergonj road (8.73km)
  11. Harikhali Sluice gate to Daratana Bridge (5.57km)
  12. Bagerhat-Dema-Rampal road (17.00km)
  13. Fakirhat Auditorium Bhaban.


There are 40 Growth Centers in this district out of which 23GC are already been developed by LGED’s different RD projects.

Moreover out of 75 Union Parishad Complex Bhaban areconstructed 48 nos by LGED’s different project.

Radhalaxmi Cyclone Shelter

Fakirhat Auditorium

Bagerhat At a Glance
Area: 3959km2
Upazila Road: 650.6 km
Union Road: 506.1Km
Village Road: 3008.85Km VA
2579.53Km VB
Population: 1515815 (1991)
Density: 382.90Km2
Literacy: 44.30
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 75
No. of Pourashava: 3
No. of Primary School: 859
No. of High School: 233
No. of College: 38
Procurment, Bagerhat