C. nawabganj


Implemented some remarkable roads & bridges at Chapai Nawabganj district under various Rural Development Projects under LGED.

  1. Construction of 546.600m long PC Girder Bridge over Mohananda river on Namosankorbati G.C - Dhulauri G.C via Saheber Ghat under Chapai Nawabganj Sadar Upazila ..
  2. 30.0m RCC Bridge over Zanzonia Canal on Adatola to Mushrivua Road
  3. Shibganj GC to Khaser Hat GC road via Monakosha (2.5Km)
  4. Construction of Upazila & Regional Server Station
  5. Improvement of Argara Hat GC – Choudala GC road (2.0Km)
  6. Improvement of from Monakosha Hat – Kaliganj road (2.5Km)
  7. Improvement of Kutir ghat bridge approach on Choka Primary School to Singnagar BOP(3.5Km)
  8. Improvement of Nachole - Sonaichandi road (4.5Km)

There are 25 nos. Growth Centers in thisdistrict out of which 20 nos GC are already been developed by LGED’s differentprojects.

Moreover 10 nos Union Parishad Complex Bhaban areconstructed by LGED’s different project.
C. nawabganj At a Glance
Area: 1744km2
Upazila Road: 343.5 km
Union Road: 484.81Km
Village Road: 1044.06Km VA
1553.84Km VB
Population: 16,47,521(2011)
Density: 970Km2
Literacy: 67%
No. of Upazila: 5
No. of Union: 49
No. of Pourashava: 4
No. of Primary School: 904
No. of High School: 242
No. of College: 53
Procurment, C. nawabganj