Implemented some remarkable roads & bridges at Lalmonirhat district under various Rural Development Projects under LGED.


1.       Improvement of Patgram GC-Burimari GC road underPatgram Upazila (10.145 km.)

2.       Improvement Chaperhat GC-Zilla road at Bhullarhat roadby Bituminous Carpeting under Kaligonj Upazila (5.08 km)

3.       Construction  of160.10m long pre-stressed concrete Girder Bridge over Manosh river(Marateesta) at sadarghat on Haragach border (Ch.2+500 Km) under sadar Upazala.

4.       Construction of 150.10m bridge on the road fromSarpukur pucca road to Hurmurirhat road at kodomtala ghat over Sati river at Ch3.500km under Aditmari Upazila.

5.       Construction of 39.00m RCC bridge on Chaperhat UPoffice-Chandrapurhat via Botla (Kodomtola ghat) at ch. 4600m over Mora Satiriver under Kaligonj Upazila.

6.       Construction of 120.075m pre-stressed concrete Girder Bridgeover Mora Sati river under Sadar Upazila.

7.       Construction of Dalogram, Palashi, Durgapur, Dahagram & Jongra UnionParishad Complex Bhaban under different Upazilas.

8.       Improvement of Tista ZR to Mohendranagar GC via Kurhamari Road byEarth Work. 10.260 km  under SadarUpazila.

9.       Re Construction of 30.00m Long RCC Girder Bridge onHatibandha Barakhata UZ road to Dhubni Madrasa Road at Ch. 650m (Near the eastside of Sohorab Master House) under Hatibandha Upazila.

10.    Re Construction of 22.00m Long RCC Girder Bridge onR&H Bhullarhat –Kalvairab via Hatibat Road at Ch. 7300m under Kaligonj Upazila.

11.    Rehabilitation work of Mustofirhat-ZR-MohendranagarGCC road 5.53 km under Sadar Upazila.

12.    Rehabilitation of Hatibandha-Daikhawahat GC road from 6.000km  under Hatibandha Upazila.


Thereare 20 Growth Centers in this district out of which 19 GC have already beendeveloped by LGED’s different RD projects.


Moreover35 Union Parishad Complex Bhaban have  also been constructed by LGED’s differentproject.

Lalmonirhat At a Glance
Area: 1241km2
Upazila Road: 348.36 km
Union Road: 552.89Km
Village Road: 1374.11Km VA
1251.6Km VB
Population: 1251994
Density: 1009Km2
Literacy: 65%
No. of Upazila: 5
No. of Union: 42
No. of Pourashava: 2
No. of Primary School: .576
No. of High School: 203
No. of College: 26
Procurment, Lalmonirhat