Current Activities

Rural Road Bridge/Culvert, Primary School Infrastructure, Growth Center Markets, Union Parishad Complex Bhabans, Server Station for Electoral Database Project, Small Scale Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation purpose, etc are implementing by different projects of LGED at this Chandpur district.

Name of Running Project LGED, Chandpur:

1)     Rural Road and Bridge/Culvert Maintenance

2)     Rural Infrastructure Development Project (CBC)

3)     Grater Comilla Rural Infrastructure Development Project-3(GCP-3)

4)     Important Rural infrastructure Development Project-2 (IRIDP-2)

5)     General Social Infrastructure Development Project (GSIDP)

6)     Second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II)

7)     Flood andDisaster Damaged Rural Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project        (FDDRIRP)

8)     Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Project

9)     Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila & Union Road Project.

10)     Construction of Housing for Landless & Under privileged Muktijoddhas Project.

11)     Construction of Shilpokala Accadami Project.

12)      Third Primary Education Development Program (PEDP-III)

13)      Participatory Small  Scale Water Resources Sector Project (PSSWRSP)

14)      Construction of Town & Union Land Office Across theCountry Project

15)     Construction ofHistorical Sites of Liberation War & Construction of 

          Muktijuddho Memorial Museum

List of few Important on going scheme‚Äôs name given below:

1) PeriodicMaintenance of RHD at Shaheb bazar-Beltoli GC road (Ch.  3140-6440m, 6440-9740m)[Matlab Uttari].

2) Rehabilitation of  Rahimanagar-Nowabpur Road (kachuaportion) from Ch. 00m-4410m [Kachua]

3) Improvement ofChandpur Puran Bazar (Nayani bazar)-Haimchar-Charbhairabi Road (Ch.00-12083m) [Haimchar].

4) Improvement of Thakur Bazar (UHC) GC-Jadabpur R&H Net work (Ch. 5375-7125m)[Shahrasti]

5) Rehabilitation and periodic Maintenance of Faridgonj R&H-RampurGC-Sollakhali R&H Road(Ch. 00- 15475m).

6) Rehabilitation and periodic Maintenance of Sachar-Bardali-Nayergoan Road(Kachua Portion) at (Ch. 00-5830m)

7) Rehabilitation and periodic Maintenance of Faridganj GC-Chandra GC Road(Ch.00-9350m).

8) Construction of 274.20m Bridge on Mohamaya GC - Rampur UP - Soto Shundor Bazar- Kamranga Bazar- Bakila GC Road at Ch. 3800m (at Boger Guderaghat) overDakatia River.

9) Construction of 266.30m long Bridge on Hazigonj - Borkul Ferryghat Borkul(East)UP (Comilla-ChandpurR&H Toraghar - Chendra Palishara) road at Ch.810mover Dakatia River.

10) Re Construction of 39m Long RCC Girder BridgeonRupsha GC-Palihara GC road at near Kamta Bazar at Ch. 9300m

11) Construction of 34.00m RCC Girder Bridge on Nindapur Gutpur road at Ch.450m

12) Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Bhaban under Matlab South Upazila.


Moreover road & bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going on different roads to keep the roads & bridges well.

Chandpur At a Glance
Area: 1704km2
Upazila Road: 548.52 km
Union Road: 856.19Km
Village Road: 1976.18Km VA
2360.57Km VB
Population: 2271229 ( 2001)
Density: 1333Km2
Literacy: 68 %
No. of Upazila: 8
No. of Union: 88
No. of Pourashava: 7
No. of Primary School: 1088
No. of High School: 249
No. of College: 47
Procurment, Chandpur