Current Activities

Growth Center Markets, Union Parishad Complex Bhabans, Server Station for Electoral Database Project, Hydraulic Structures for Irrigations, Roads & Bridges etc. are implementing by different projects of LGED at this Narsingdi district.

List of few project’s name is given below:

  1. Second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP - II).
  2. Second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II) (2nd Revised)
  3. Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project of priority basis-2 (IRIDP-2).
  4. Rural Infrastructure Development Project: Greater Dhaka, Tangail & Kishoreganj District (GDP-2).
  5. Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Bhaban Project (CUMCP).
  6. House Building Developed of Landless &Undeveloped Freedom Fighters Project (CHLUMP).
  7. Participatory Small Scale Water Resources Sector Project (PSSWRSP)
  8. Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila & Union Road Project (LBC).
  9. Greater Dhaka Rural Infrastructure Development Project-3 (GDP-3).
  10. Important 09Nos. Bridge Construction Project (9 Bridge)
  11. Construction of Town and Union Land Office across the Country under Ministry of Land (TULO)
  12. Flood & Disaster Damaged Rural Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (FDDRIRP)
  13. General Social Infrastructure Development Project (GSIDP)
  14. Preservation & Reconstruction of Muktijuddha Memorial Project (PRMMP)


List of few important on going scheme’s name given below:

  1. Construction of 630m Long PSC Girder Bridge on Narsingdi - Karimpur road over the Meghna River.
  2. Construction of 99.00m Long PC Girder Bridge on Chengatoli Bazar-Alipura Village Road over Sutanoli Khal under Sadar Upazila Dist-Narsingdi Road ID 368605046.
  3. Construction of 80m Long RCC Girder Bridge over Kalipur Khal on Khushkandi-Baluakandi-Paratoli UP office-Kalipur Road at ch. 7850m.
  4. Construction of Muktijoddha Complex Bhaban under Sadar Upazila Dist-Narsingdi.
  5. Improvement of Road from Narsingdi UMC Mills to Karimpur GC via Kalai Gobindapur Bazar by RCC Ch. 2875-4735m under Sadar Upazila Dist-Narsingdi Road
  6. Improvement of Jamiakandi River Ghat to Nabipur Balua Ghat Road at ch.00-2840m by RCC under Narsingdi Sadar upazila District Narsingdi.
  7. Improvement of road from Alipur Member Bari to Baherchar Road from ch. 00-2650m) under Sadar Upazila Dist-Narsingdi.
  8. Rehabilitation For Samed Chander Bazar-Bir Gaon Chowrasta Road at ch. 0+000-2+400km, under Monohardi Upazila, District-Narsingdi. Road ID No: 368524066.
  9.  Maintenance of Sekandarddi Bazar-Sekandarddi Shakurghat Road at ch. 00-1550m under Palash Upazila, Dist-Narsingdi Road ID No: 368634017.
  10. Rehabilitation of Binabaid U.p. office-Radhakali Road under Belabo Upazila, Dist: Narsingdi.
  11. Rehabilitation of Monohardi HQ- Bhuyan Bazar Road under Monohardi Upazila, Dist: Narsingdi.
  12. Rehabilitation of Narsingdi RHD (Over Bridge)-Charnogardi GC Road under Sadar Upazila, Dist: Narsingdi.


Moreover road & bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going on different roads to keep the roads &bridges well.
Narshingdi At a Glance
Area: 1237km2
Upazila Road: 428.86 km
Union Road: 515.7Km
Village Road: 1819.39Km VA
2737.15Km VB
Population: 22,24,944
Density: 1900Km2
Literacy: 55.00
No. of Upazila: 6
No. of Union: 70
No. of Pourashava: 6
No. of Primary School: 749
No. of High School: 25
No. of College: 36
Procurment, Narshingdi