Current Activities

Growth Center Markets, Union Parishad Complex Bhabans,Server Station for Electoral Database Project, Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation purpose, Primary School, Roads & bridges etc are implementing by different projects of LGED at this Faridpur district.


List of few project's name is given below :

1. Greater Faridpur Infrastructure Development Project (GFRIDP).

2. Greater Faridpur Infrastructure Development Project-II (GFRIDP-II)

3. Important RuralInfrastructure Development Project of Priority Basis (IRIDP).

4. Const. of Large Bridge on Upazilla & Union Road Project (LBC).

5.Rural Infrastructure Development(Public Priority Rural Communication & Rural Market Development and Rehabilitation)Project(2nd Phase)

6. South-Western Bangladesh Rural Development Project (SWBRDB).

7. Small Scale Water Resources Development Project in Greater Mymenshing,Sylhet & Faridpur Area

8.Construction of Muktijoddho Memorials Project.

9.Upazila/Union Road,Bridge/Culvert Const./Re-Const.(Transferred from RHD)Project(RBCTRHD).

10. Housing for Landless & Underprivileged Muktijoddha Project.

11.Third Primary Education Development Program(PEDP-III)

12.Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Project.

13.Priority Basis Rural Road & Hat/Bazar Development Project.

14.Rural Road & Culvert Maintenance Program(GOBM)

List of few Important on going scheme's name given below :

1. Const. of 30.00 m long RCC Bridge on Majhardia bazar(Khalis potty)-Kakdia bazar via Majhardia UPHQ road at ch.650m under Saltha Upazila.

2.Const.of 30.0m long RCC Bridge on Krishnapur UP Office to Bhabukdia road over Sreeramdi khal at ch.4870m under Sadarpur Upazila.

3.Const.of 90.00m long RCC Girder Bridge on Boroghat bazar -Azolbera road over Kumer river near Boroghat bazar at ch.0.00m under Boalmari Upazila.

4. Const. of 96.00 m long RCC Girder bridge over Kumar River on Charkamlapur Kheya ghat-Bilmamudpur school road at ch.0.00m under Sadar Upazila.

5. Const. of 45.00 m long RCC bridge on Gharua UP-Dignagar bazar via Sharifabad bazar road at Ch. 5010m under Bhanga Upazila.

6. Const. of 75.00 m long RCC Girder bridge over Kumar river on Alipur Paramanic ghat-Adompur road at ch.50m under Sadar Upazila.

7. Const. of 54.54 m long RCC Girder bridge on Purapara GC-Chandhat GC road at Ch. 2200m under Nagarkanda Upazila.

8. Const. of 30.00 m long RCC Girder bridge on Saltha GC-Cilarkandi Mosjid  road at Ch. 1200m under Saltha Upazila.

9.Const. of 60 m long RCC Girder bridge over Liner khal at Maherdia khaya ghat on Mojlishpur to Dofa village at ch.75.00m under Nagarkanda Upazila.

10. Const. of 63 m long RCC Girder bridge on Kalibottola Shovarampur Kalibari rail bridge via North Shovarampur road at ch.1800m under Sadar Upazila.

11. Impro. of Kalamridha GC-R&H at Pulia road by BC under Bhanga Upazila (3.67km)

12. Impro.of Bakhunda GC to Hazigonj GC via Hat Gozaria GC Road by BC under Sadar Upazila (2.52km)

13. Impro.of Madhukhali R&H to Vimpur GC road by BC under Madhukhali Upazila(5.69km).

14. Const.of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Bhaban under Bhanga Upazila.

15. Impro. of Boalmari- Baghat(Madhukhali) road by BC under Boalmari Upazila (4.28km)

16. Const.of Water Retaining Structures (3 vent) at ChatrarChak-Ghonoshympur khan sub project under Sadar Upazila.

17. Const.of Bajra-Panail sub project under Alfadanga Upazila.

18. Impro.of Sakpaldia Trimohona-Rasulpur(Shaw mill)road by BC under Nagarkanda Upazila (3.00km)

19. Impro.of Ambikapur Chowdhari bazar Isangopalpur road by BC under Sadar Upazila (2.34 km)

20. Const.of Housing for Landless & Underprivileged Muktijuddha Project.

21. Impro.of Shirgram-Jagirborat Vennatola bazar road by BC under Alfadanga Upazila(2.30km)

 22. Impro.of Charchandpur bazar-Charbhadrasan UPHQ road by BC under Sadarpur Upazila(1.7km)

Moreover road and bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going on different roads to keep the roads & bridges well.
Faridpur At a Glance
Area: 2073km2
Upazila Road: 664 km
Union Road: 495.14Km
Village Road: 1798.71Km VA
2848.32Km VB
Population: 17,42,720 (2001)
Density: 840.78 Per KMKm2
Literacy: 43.95%
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 79
No. of Pourashava: 5
No. of Primary School: 1716
No. of High School: 249
No. of College: 35
Procurment, Faridpur