Current Activities

Growth Center Markets, Bazar, Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation purpose, Govt.Primary school, Registered Govt. primary school & PTI development, Roads& bridge of different categories of roads, Rural Employment & Road Maintenance Programme by distress women etc are implementing by differentproject of LGED at this Manikganj district.

List of few projects name is given below:

  • Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II)

  • Rural Employment & Road Maintenance Programme (RERMP)

  • Participatory Small Scale Water Resource Sector Project (PSSWRSP)

  • Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project on priority basis.(IRIDP-2)

  • Rural Road & Culvert Maintenance

  • Large Bridge Project on Upazila & Union Road(LBC)

  • Third Primary School Development Project(PEDP-III)

  • Greater Dhaka Development Project (GDP-II)

  • Construction of Housing for Landless & under Privileged Muktijoddhas Project
  • Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Project

List of few important ongoing schemes name given below:

  • Construction 275.00m RCC Girder Bridge over the Kalinga River at ch. 9+300km on Manikganj-Bangladesh hat – Tilli road, under Saturia Upazila.

  • Construction of 45.00m RCC Girder birdge on Gilonda bazar-Nobogram UP via Baranga Khola GPS road at ch. 1620m under Sadar Upazila, Dist: Manikgon

  • Construction of 51.00m Long RCC Girder bridge over Gazikhali  river on Kangsha Kheya ghat to Islampur via Kangsha Primary school road at ch. 1000m under Singair Upazila, Dist: Manikgonj 

  • Construction of 30m Long RCC Girder bridge on Bejpara high school-Kachidhara Bot tree road at ch. 00m. under Shibalaya Upazila, Dist: Manikganj.

  • Construction of 36m Long RCC Girder bridge on Par-Boratia-Korjona road at ch. 10m under Ghior Upazila, Dist: Manikganj.

  • Construction of 28m Long RCC Slab bridge on Ghior-Tepra (Rasulpur graveyard) to Thakurkandi Upazila road over Echamoti river at Ch. 37m under Ghior Upazila, Dist: Manikganj

  • Construction  of Muktijoddha Complex Building in Ghior upazila  Dist: Manikganj
  • Maintenance of Baliati DR (UZ HQ)-Lowhati GC (Delduar UZ) via Pakutia road (Ch. 0+000-8+770km) Upazila : Saturia, Dist: Manikganj.
  • Rehabilitation and Periodic Maintenance of (a) Teota UP Office-Jaforgonj GC (Poyla road) Road at Ch. 0+000-5+710km, Length = 5.710 km, (b) Ghior HQ-Jabra road at Ch. 0+000-7+340 km, Shibalaya & Ghior,  District : Manikganj.
  • Rihibilitation and Periodic Maintenance of Singair-Nowabganj via Charigaram GC Road Ch. 6+600-11700km Length = 5+100 km) Upazila : Singair, Dist: Manikganj.
  • Reconstructionof 08 Nos Primary School building including furniture supply, Electrificationand Sanitary works(Malutia,Krishnapur,Shakrail,JalshokaNasorpur,DullaParagram,ShahebPara,CharUlail,Sararia)


Moreover road & bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going different roads to keep the roads & bridges well.

Manikganj At a Glance
Area: 1379km2
Upazila Road: 458.94 km
Union Road: 526.76Km
Village Road: 1363.79Km VA
1159.76Km VB
Population: 14.44
Density: 929Km2
Literacy: 56%
No. of Upazila: 7
No. of Union: 65
No. of Pourashava: 2
No. of Primary School: 607
No. of High School: 152
No. of College: 19
Procurment, Manikganj