Current Activities

Growth center market, Union Parishad Complex Bhahans, Server station for Electoral Database Project, Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation purpose, Roads & Bridges etc are Implementing by different Project of LGED at this Bogura district.

List of few projects is given below:

  • Greater Pabna Bogura Rural Infrastructure Development Project (GPBRIDP)

  • Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project (IRIDP-2)

  • Flood Disaster Damaged Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (FDDRIRP)

  • Rajshashi Division Rural Infrastructure  Development Project Except Shirajgonj (RDRIDP)

  • Preservation & Reconstruction Of Muktijoddho Memorial Project (PRMMP)

  • Farmers Service Center& Technology Trasfer at Union Level (FSCTT)

  • General  Social Infrastructure Development Project (GSIDP) 

List of few important on going scheme's name given below:          

  • Construction of 81 meter long PSC girder bridge on Arkatia UZR- Mohanpur Ghat Road Ch. 750 meter under Upazila Dhunat

  • Improvement of Chowkibari UP-Kaiganti Hat Road at Ch.3000-5200m (2.32 km)

  • Improvement of Mothurapura GC-Sonka NHW Road from Ch. 2280-5540m. (3.26 km) 

  • Improvement of Shabgram UP-Madla UP Road at Ch. 00-2460m (2.46 km)    

  • Kunder GC-Pondipokur via Kallanngar (3.84km)  

  • Kichok UP-Bihar hat via Shonshar dighi Road (2.65km).  

  • Chingaspur hat-Bihar GC Road (2.0km)  

  • 51.00m long steel bridge on Ulipur-Jhangor Road at Ch. 3300m.

  • 315.00m long pre-stressed girder bridge on Bangali river under Sariakandi Upazila.

  • Improvement of Toronirhat GC - Gossaibari GC UZR road under Sariakandi. (6.00 km)
  • Improvement of Sherpur NHW - Ranirhat GC UZR road under Sherpur. (10.00 km)
  • Improvement of Panditpukur GC - Kaligonj GC UZR road under Nandigram. (6.10 km)
  • Improvement of Gossaibari GC - Sonahata GC UZR road under Dhunat. (8.30 km)

Overall road & bridge maintenance activities are smoothly going on.           

Bogura At a Glance
Area: 2919km2
Upazila Road: 1039.21 km
Union Road: 1173.99Km
Village Road: 2326.51Km VA
2296.35Km VB
Population: 3400874
Density: 1200Km2
Literacy: 28.4
No. of Upazila: 12
No. of Union: 109
No. of Pourashava: 12
No. of Primary School: 227
No. of High School: 376
No. of College: 40
Procurment, Bogura