Current Activities

Growth Center Markets, Union Parishad Complex Bhabans. Server station for Electoral Database Project. Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation Purpose. Roads & Bridge etc are implementing by different projects of LGED at this Nilphamari district.

List of few Project’s name is given below :

1. Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project (SRIIP)

2. Rangpur Division Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project (RDRIIP)

3. Participatory Small Scale water resource Development Project(PSSWRSP)

4. Greater Rangpur-Dinajpur Development Project (GRDP)

5. Important  Rural Infrastructure  Development Project (IRIDP)

6. Construction of Long Bridges on Upazila & Union  Road (LBC)      

7. Northern Bangladesh Infrastructure development project(Nobidep)

8. Construction of House for Landless Muktizoddha

9. Construction of Upazila Muktizoddha Complex

10. Construction of Diabetic Hospital

11. Construction of Shilpokola Academy

12. Construction of Farmers Service Center

13. Improvement of ex Citmahal

14. Construction of Union Land office

15. Grameen Social Infrastructure Development Project (GSIDP)                                                                            

List of few important  scheme’s name given below:

1. 220m RCC Girder Bridge over Nowtara River

2. 171.00m span RCC Girder Bridge over Buritista river at Siallarghat.

3. 110.00m span RCC Girder Bridge on Dewnai River            

4. 70.00m  span RCC Girder Bridge on Burikhora River.                      

5. 60.00m  span RCC Girder Bridge on Jamunashwari River.

6. 180m PC Girder Bridge on Kishoregonj UPZ Head Quarter Babrijhar GC

7. 144m Girder Bridge over Charalkata River on Sadurar Bazar R&H Panchpukur

8. 125m Long RCC Girder Bridge Over Charalkata River on Mirgonj UP H/Q - Berubond Bazar (Nakarer Ghat)

9.  60m Long RCC Bridge on Ramnagar GC - Mirgonj GC via Charcharabari hat

10. 48m Bridge Over Nawtara River on Khoga Khari Bari UP Office - paglapara        (Near Tepra bari)

11.  60.00m Long RCC Girder Bridge over Burikhora river on the road from          Babrijhar G.C to Kachukata R&H via Panchapukur G.C

12.   39.00m Long RCC Girder Bridge over Kishoregonj GC- Borovita GC road  13.    Rehabilitation of 75m RCC Girder Bridge at CH:5490m on Dimla-Dalia R&H  via Nowtara (Sardar hat-Taltola) Road

14. Rehabilitation of Domar - Chilahati via Muktirhat Bazar Ch. 00 to 24604m

15. Kachukata Bondor to Nilphamari-Domar R&H road via Ramgonj Bondor       

16. Nilphamari Bhabanigonj GC road (Ch 0+000-11+680m)

17. Baburhat GC-CARE Bazar R&H Road. Ch. 00+000km--4+189km

18. Chandkhana UP to Kellabarihat road via Darjibari Burirhat and Chandkhana  Ghat ch. 0+000km to 8+865 Km under Kishoregonj

19. Banirhat to Shiberhat road at ch. 0+000km - 5+090km under Sayedpur

20. Babrijhar G.C to Kachukata R&H Via Panchapukur G.C Road Ch. 00-9850m

21. Jhunaghach Chapani U.P office-Naotara bazar road (Ch: 6200m-11597m)

Moreover road & bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going on different roads to keep the roads & bridges well.

Nilphamari At a Glance
Area: 1641km2
Upazila Road: 560.79 km
Union Road: 695.73Km
Village Road: 1219.85Km VA
1233.3Km VB
Population: 15,71,690 (2001)
Density: 994Km2
Literacy: 38.8
No. of Upazila: 6
No. of Union: 60
No. of Pourashava: 4
No. of Primary School: 936
No. of High School: 208
No. of College: 28
Procurment, Nilphamari