Current Activities

Growth Center Markets, Union Parishad Complex Bhabans, Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation purpose, Rubber Dam, Roads & bridges etc are implementing by different projects of LGED at this Moulvibazar district.

List of few project’s name is given below:

  1. Sylhet Division Rural Infrastructure ImprovementProject (SDRIIP)
  2. Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila & Union Road Project.
  3. Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project on priority basis.
  4. Upazila Road Development Project
  5. Rural Road & Market Improvement Project Under Greater Sylhet District
  6. Construction of Steel Bridge Project (Phase-III)
  7.  Second Rural Transport Improvement Project (RTIP-II)
  8. Construction of House for Landless & IndigentFreedom Fighter
  9. Small Scale Water Resources Development Project inGreater Mymensingh, Sylhet and Faridpur Areas (SSWRDP-JICA)
  10. Rural Infrastructure Development (Public PriorityRural Communication & Rural Market Development and Rehabilitation) Project(Part-II).


List of few important on going scheme’s  name given below:

  1. Improvement of Kathaltoli-Madhabkunda Road.
  2. Improvement of Adampur UP Office – Alinagar Bazar Road via Changaon - Jangalia
  3. Rehabilitation and Periodic Maintenance of Rajnagar-Fatepur (Balagonj) Road
  4. Maintenance of Begum Durreh Samad Rahman Raod
  5. Maintenance of (a) Chaytraghat-Nayabazar via Shahidnagar Raod Rabirbazar-Karmadah U.P Road
  6. Maintenance of Dasherbazar-Basirpur RHD via Kanongobazar Azimgonj Road
  7. Construction of 90.00m PSC Girder Bridge over Dolai river on Bhanugach-Munshibazar via Chaitannagonj Road.
  8. Construction of 5nos House for Landless &Indigent Freedom Fighter of (a) Lutfa Begum (b) Nogendra Malaker (c) AyatunBegum (d) Md. Hasan Ali & (e) Khatun Bebe at different village UnderKulaura Upazila
  9. Construction of 39.00m long RCC Girder Bridge at ch: 1120m on Alinagar UP-Alinagarbazarvia Changaon-Jangalia road Under Kamalganj Upazila District: Moulvibazar
  10. Construction of HydraulicStructures and Related Works of Foru beel Sub-project (SP ID-35165) underUpazila: Rajnagar, District: Moulvibazar.
  11. Construction of HydraulicStructures and Related Works of Dew Chhara Sub-project (SP ID-35169) underUpazila: Barlekha, District: Moulvibazar.
  12. Construction of HydraulicStructures and Related Works of Dhameswari Khal Sub-project (SP ID-35197) underUpazila: Rajnagar, District: Moulvibazar.
  13. Construction of HydraulicStructures and Related Works of Borjan Chhara Sub-project (SP ID-35211) underUpazila: Rajnagar, District: Moulvibazar.
  14. Construction of HydraulicStructures and Related Works of Kolima Chhara Sub-project (SP ID-35214) underUpazila: Rajnagar, District: Moulvibazar.


More over road & bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going on different roads to keep the roads & bridges well.  

Moulvibazar At a Glance
Area: 2799km2
Upazila Road: 466.67 km
Union Road: 655.43Km
Village Road: 2348.94Km VA
1675.52Km VB
Population: 1854245
Density: 663Km2
Literacy: .
No. of Upazila: 7
No. of Union: 80
No. of Pourashava: 5
No. of Primary School: 1157
No. of High School: 1261
No. of College: 182
Procurment, Moulvibazar