Current Activities

LGED, Habiganj performs its functions through three sectors-Rural, Urban and Small Scale Water Resources for creating local level infrastructural facilities thus contributing towards the goal of attaining economic growth. LGED, Habiganj as an agency also extends technical assistance to the Local Government Institutions (LGIs) while its project implementation leaves a positive impact in the overall progress of the country including the socio-economic development, employment generation and poverty alleviation.


Major Functions of LGED, Habiganj:


·        Construction/ Rehabilitation / Maintenance of Rural & Urban Road, Bridge/ Culvert

·        Development and Maintenance of Growth Centre/Hat Bazar

·        Construction of Landing Station (Ghat)

·        Construction of Union Parishad Complex

·        Construction of Upazila Parishad Complex and Upazila Parishad Extension Administration Building with hall room

·        Construction of Primary School

·        Construction of Land Office

·        Construction of Muktijuddho Complex Bhaban & Memorial for freedom fighters

·        Construction of House for freedom fighters

·        Development of Agriculture , Poultry and Livestock and fisheries at community level

·        Re-excavation of canal and water body

·        Re-excavation of pond with aquaculture and Floodplain aquaculture

·        Swamp tree plantation and bio-diversity forwater body

·        Tree Plantation

·        Implementing labor Intensive activities through Labor Contracting Society (LCS)

·        Construction Rubber Dam

·        Construction and Re-construction Embankment

·        Formation of Water Management Cooperative Society (WMCA)  

·        Income Generation related Training Program

Habiganj At a Glance
Area: 2637km2
Upazila Road: 570.06 km
Union Road: 549.45Km
Village Road: 1595.03Km VA
2347.56Km VB
Population: 20,89,001
Density: 792Km2
Literacy: 40.50
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 77
No. of Pourashava: 7
No. of Primary School: 1016
No. of High School: 95
No. of College: 24
Procurment, Habiganj