About Rangamati

Rangamati district is a district of natural beauties & cultural heritage. It is located at 22º 00' 27"& 23º 00' 44" N and 91º 00' 56" & 92º 00' 33" E. It is surrounded by Tripura of India at north, Bandarban at south, Mizoram of India at east and Khagrachari & Chittagong at west. It consists of ten Upazilas, two Pourashavas and Forty Nine Unions. Rangamati District has a long history and heritage of very rich culture of tribal & Bengali people. There are Chakma, Murong, ... [more]
Rangamati At a Glance
Area: 6116km2
Upazila Road: 664 km
Union Road: 511.15Km
Village Road: 1942.85Km VA
1822.2Km VB
Population: 595,979 (2011)
Density: 97 per sq km Km2
Literacy: 36.48%
No. of Upazila: 10
No. of Union: 48
No. of Pourashava: 2
No. of Primary School: 518
No. of High School: 54
No. of College: 12
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