Narsingdi district city stands on the bank of the Branch of Meghna and located at adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet National Highway. It was established in the 15th century. It is Imaging that Raza Narshinha was established a small nagar named Narshingha pur by the side of old Bramma Putra. Narsingdi comes from the king of Narsigha with ‘di’ then it becomes Narsingdi.
It is declared as a district in 1984. It consists of six Upazilas, six Pourashova (Municipality) and seventy Unions. Narsingdi district has a strong history and heritage in diversified culture with indigenous with old civilization of Buddist Period. The Magistrate Court and Thana (Police Station) were established in the beginning of the nineteenth century. The Narsingdi Municipality was established in 1972. The Telegraph Office and the Munsif Court were established in 1972 & 1984 respectively. Narsingdi Musleh Uddin Bhuiyan stadium established in 2001.
Narsingdi is famous for Loom & textile industry. The ‘Manchester of western countries’ Baburhat is situated in this district.
The first Bangali of this subcontinent is ICS Sir KG Gupta and the re-transalatetor of the Holy Quran by Giris Chandra Sen was the famous man of Narsingdi and the man who lead the mass revolution in 1969 was Saheed Asad and man who lost his life in the liberation war was Bir-Shrestha Ft. Lt. Matiur Rahman was the son of this district.
It is renowned for some of the historical & tourist place at Wari-Bateswar, Sonaimurirtac & Parolia mosque. Narsingdi is a Green Vegitable leading district like Jhinga, Kakrol, Brinjal, Cucumber & Banana and rice production are remarkable than other districts of Bangladesh. The intercommunication system of the district is enormously developed in last decades as a result most of the villages are Jeepable except a few exceptions. There are some prominent rivers exists in the district these are Meghna, Arialkhan, Haridhoa & Sitolokha etc.
Narshingdi At a Glance
Area: 1237km2
Upazila Road: 428.86 km
Union Road: 515.7Km
Village Road: 1819.39Km VA
2737.15Km VB
Population: 22,24,944
Density: 1900Km2
Literacy: 55.00
No. of Upazila: 6
No. of Union: 70
No. of Pourashava: 6
No. of Primary School: 749
No. of High School: 25
No. of College: 36
Procurment, Narshingdi