About Satkhira District: Satkhira is a district in South-western Bangladesh. Part of the Khulna division, it lies along the border with West Bengal in India. It is located at 22.35˚ N 89.08˚ E. It is bordered to the north by Jessore district, on the south by the Bay of Bengal, to the east by Khulna disrtict and to the west by pargana district of West Bengal. Satkhira subdivision was established in 1861 under Jessore disrict, It is included into Khulna district in 1882. The subdivision was upgrades into a district in 1984 as a result of administrative decentalision. It consists of seven upazila, two pourasavas (Municipality) and seventy eight unions. Sundarban is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world and is a World Heritage Site, and covers an area of 5747 km2. The region is home to many ancient buildings and temples such as Sultanpur shahi Mosque (500 years old), Koykhali Mandir, Puratan Satkhira (300 years old), Jahajghata Naval fort (Mautala, 1567), Baro Duary (Ishwaripur, 1582), Shahi Mosque Banshipur, 1599),Joseshwari Mandir (Ishwaripur, 1899), Triangular Mandir of Chanda Bhairabi (Ishwaripur), Mothbaria Nabaratna Mandir (Sonabaria, Kalaroa1767), Nagar Fort of Raja paratapaditya (Kaligonj), Parabajpur Mosque (Mukundapur),Hamman khana (Ishwaripur),the Mozaffar Garden the Tetulia Jami Mosque (Tala,858-59) bonalata housing projet and bonalata garden, New and Mini picnic Sport-Sattar Moroler Bari (Bandakati Kaligonj , Satkhira. The inter communication of the district is enormously developed in last three years as a result most of the villages are jeepable except a few exceptions. The main river are the Morichap River, Kholpota River, Betna River , Rainmangal River, Hariabhanga River, Ichamoti River Betrabati River and Kalindi Jamuna River. Satkhira is one of the potential districts in Bangladesh in all respect.
Satkhira At a Glance
Area: 3858km2
Upazila Road: 691.21 km
Union Road: 592.29Km
Village Road: 2909.25Km VA
4318.51Km VB
Population: 19,49,899 nos (2001)
Density: 505.57 Per sq KmKm2
Literacy: 53.32%
No. of Upazila: 7
No. of Union: 79
No. of Pourashava: 2
No. of Primary School: 1205 Nos
No. of High School: 296 Nos
No. of College: 63 Nos
Procurment, Satkhira