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Natore 6400, Bangladesh.
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Natore, the northern district of the country with an area of 1896.05 sq. Km. is surrounded by Bogra to the North, Sirajgonj to be East, Pabna to the South, Rajshahi to the West & a portion of North-West to Noagoan. Natore District city Stands on the bank of the river 'Narode'.

Natore Sub-division was established in 1845. But Natore Police Sub-division was introduced since 1829. It was declared as a district on Feb-4, 1984. It consists of 6 Upazilas, 8 Pourashavas, 52 Unions & 1366 Villages. Over 16 Lakh People live in this district.

Natore district has a strong history and diversified cultural heritage. It is known as the land of Raz-Raza. 'Raza Ramzibon Rai' was the first emperor of Natore. His only son 'Kalika Prasad' died early of his life. So, 'Raza Ramzibon Rai' had taken 'Ramkanta' as adopted son after the immature death his soon. 'Raza Ramzibon Rai' died in 1730. After his death 'Doyaram Rai' was nominated as the guardian of 'Ramkanta'. Later Ramkanta was married to 'Rani-Bhabani' . Queen Rani-Bhabani took the responsibility of Natore empire after the death of Ramkanta. Among archaeological heritage and relic notable are Natore Rajbari, Dighapotia Rajbari(Uttara Ganabhabon), Dayarampur Rajbari(Bagatipara) & Budpara Kali Mondir(Lalpur).

Natore is also Known as the land of 'Bono-Lota-Sen', though it was the imagination of poet. A poet was requested to write a poem by a fair lady, when the poet had written the poem name 'Bono-Lota-Sen', instead of that lady's name.

Natore has a large village & large Beel name 'Kolom' & 'Chalon' respectively. There is a proverb in our country that Gram Dekhoto Kolom, abong Beel Dekhoto Chalon

Natore town has good road communication system. It is considered as the 'Gate-Way' for having communication with Divisional HQ. Rajshahi with its Capital City, Dhaka. It is also the gateway for inter connection with the Rangpur Division & Khulna Division. The inter-district communication system of Natore is also remarkably sound.

The main transport is Bus. Also train communication thought the country is prevailed. The dist. HQ. Natore is 220 Km away from the Capital City Dhaka.

Natore is famous for making of gold ornaments. Through out earlier this business was confined to only Hindu communities but now-a-days the Muslims also live on this profession. There are about 500 Jewelery shops in the district.

Natore is also countrywide famous for a special sweet-meat named 'Kachagolla',

Lalpur, one of the Upazilas of Natore has the lowest average annual rainfall record.
Natore At a Glance
Area: 1896km2
Upazila Road: 517.53 km
Union Road: 708.76Km
Village Road: 1629.12Km VA
2076.07Km VB
Population: 1734111
Density: 915Km2
Literacy: 65%
No. of Upazila: 7
No. of Union: 52
No. of Pourashava: 8
No. of Primary School: 668
No. of High School: 448
No. of College: 106
Procurment, Natore