Lalmonirhat District is bounded by West Bengal of India on the north, Rangpur and Kurigram districts on the south, Kurigram district on the east and Nilphamari district on the west. It is located at 25º48'00"- 88º38’00”E and 26º27’00”N- 89º36’00”E. Lalmonirhat sub-division was upgraded into a district on 01 February 1984. It has an area of 1241.46 sq km and consist of 5 upazilas, two pourasavas and 45 unions. Lalmonirhat district is renowned for some of the important places like Air Base of Second World War, house of famous poet Sheikh Fazlal Karim, Tin Bigha Corridor and Burimari Land Port.
The air base is located at Sadar Upazila. It was built during the Second World War (1940-1945 A.D.). After the Second World War (14 August 1945 A.D.), when the troops of the allied forces went back to their countries, this air base became abandoned. At present one unit of Bangladesh Air Force is located here.
Poet Sheikh Fazlal Karim was born at Kakina of Lalmonirhat district in 1883 A.D. He wrote the famous poem. “‡Kv_vq ¯^M,© †Kv_vq biK/ †K e‡j Zv eû`yi............ .`` He enjoyed the Patronization of the then King of Kakina Mohima Ranjan Roy and with the Patronization he set up a printing press at Kakina. He published a magazine from this press entitled ``Basana``. This great poet died on 28 September 1936.

Tin Bigha Corridor is situated near Panbari border under Kuchlibari union of Lalmonirhat district. This corridor is used to enter into the enclaves of Bangladesh named Dahagram and Angurpata. During the partition in 1947, some parts of Bangladesh became enclaves within the territory of India. The Tin Bigha Corridor is the only communication between these two enclaves and the main land.
Burimari land port is situated under Patgram Upazila. Trade and commerce between Bangladesh and India is conducted through this port. The economic importance of this port as regards import & export by road is immense.
Lalmonirhat is food surplus area of Bangladesh. Maize, Potato, Rice etc production are remarkable than other district of Bangladesh. The inter communication system of the district is enormously developed in last three decades. As a result most of the villages are jeepable except a few exceptions. There are some prominent rivers exists in this district. These are Teesta, Dharla, Ratnai, Saniajan etc. It is a flash flood prone area. Habitants of this district faces this challenge every year. Lalmonirhat is one of the potential district of Bangladesh in all respect.
Lalmonirhat At a Glance
Area: 1241km2
Upazila Road: 348.36 km
Union Road: 552.89Km
Village Road: 1374.11Km VA
1251.6Km VB
Population: 1251994
Density: 1009Km2
Literacy: 65%
No. of Upazila: 5
No. of Union: 42
No. of Pourashava: 2
No. of Primary School: .576
No. of High School: 203
No. of College: 26
Procurment, Lalmonirhat