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Historical Places

Chittagong Zoo:

Chittagong Zoo: Though the initial amount of land allocated by the Government was 4.90 acres, afterwards it was increased to six acres. The zoo authority is trying to increase the area. The zoo area is hilly and very gently sloping. The Deputy commissioner of Chittagong Mr. M. A. Mannan and some other elites of Chittagong initiated to establish a private zoo at Foy’s Lake in 1988. The purpose was to create a place for Entertainment, Education and Research on zoo animals. The effort was come into being on the 28th of February 1989. The zoo is opened for visitor since thereafter

Tea garden of Fatikchri,Chittagong:

FatikchariUpazila is one of the largest upazilas of Bangladesh. It is a very fertile land between the Sitakund Hills and the Hills of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Among the hundread and sixty three Tea gardens of Bangladesh, FatikChari contains seventeen of tea garden: Aasia Tea Garden, Andharmanik Tea Garden, Baramasia Tea Garden,Dantmara Tea Garden, Elahi-Noor Tea Garden, Haldavalley Tea Garden, Laiyacherra Tea Garden Karnafuli Tea Garden, MaaJaan Tea Garden ,Mohammad Nagar Tea Garden, Naseha Tea Garden Neptune Tea Garden ,New Dantmara Tea Garden ,Oodaleah Tea Garden, Panchabati Tea Garden, Ramgarh Tea Garden, Rangapani Tea Garden. FatikchariUpazila is one of the largest upazilas of Bangladesh. It is a very fertile land between the Sitakund Hills and the Hills of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Among the hundread and sixty three Tea gardens of Bangladesh, FatikChari contains seventeen of tea garden: Aasia Tea Garden, Andharmanik Tea Garden, Baramasia Tea Garden,Dantmara Tea Garden, Elahi-Noor Tea Garden, Haldavalley Tea Garden, Laiyacherra Tea Garden Karnafuli Tea Garden, MaaJaan Tea Garden ,Mohammad Nagar Tea Garden, Naseha Tea Garden Neptune Tea Garden ,New Dantmara Tea Garden ,Oodaleah Tea Garden, Panchabati Tea Garden, Ramgarh Tea Garden, Rangapani Tea Garden.

Vatiary of Chittagong:

Vatiary of Chittagong:. Vatiary is located just beside the Chittagong city which is a common place to visit, stay and pass some quality moments together with friends and family. The Vatiary is currently under the command of the Commodore Commanding of Chittagong (COMCHIT). Five hundred personnel serve at Vatiary and it is one of the firing training base for Bangladesh Navy. Vatiary is operating as a Naval Base and it was established for the training and storage of Naval arms, missiles and relative instruments. It is a place with whole of natural beauty especially the hills and lakes are very attractive to visitors

DC Hill of Chittagong:

DC Hill of Chittagong: As the official residence of Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong is located at the peak of this Hill, so it is called D.C Hill. It is very close to the zero point. It is place of unique beauty. Different types of flowering and fruit-bearing trees are planted encircling the slopes of the whole hill. During Bengali New Year (PahelaBaishakh), day long colorful programs are held in the slope of the hill. The hill is considered as the historical and cultural importance and it is a favorite meeting place for the cultural enthusiast of Chittagong.

Parki beach:

Parki beach: Parki beach is becoming the tourist attraction of Bangladesh. It is situated in Anwara Thana under southern Chittagong region. Away from sixteen-seventeen Km. away from Chittagong city, the beach lies at the Karnafuli river channel. The specialty of the beach is that, visitors can view both the Karnafuliriver and the sea together. The visitors enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach, the views of big ship anchored at the outer dock, catching the fish in the sea, and the calm environment.

Court building museum Chittagong:

Court building museum Chittagong: Bangladesh Museum / Contemporary Art Gallery of Chittagong is located at the court building, Fairy Hill, Bangladesh, Chittagong. The museum aims to draw the national and international attention and at the same time it targeted to increase the awareness among the general public about the modern art. It wants to provide the best in visual, contemporary art and bring it to the widest possible general masses. The museum collects art work from all over the world of Bangladeshi origin.

Ethnological museum of Chittagong:

Ethnological museum of Chittagong: The only Ecological museum of Bangladesh is located in Agrabad, Chittagong. The history of tribal people of Bangladesh featured in this museum. The museum was established in 1965 and the museum was opened for the public for the first time is 1974. Later on, 1985-1995, two more rooms were added. A gallery of folk articles of Bengali speaking people was added to the museum in 1996. The ecological museum signifies the unity among the all the Bengali speaking people and tribal people. It reflects the unity and progress of Bangladesh. The museum not only recorded the past, It also documented the present for future generations to look back and reflect on. It is a museum that not only preserves the past but also grows and develops with the growth and development of the country. It is place where the past and present of Bangladeshi tribal culture comes together and prepares the reference for future about the understanding and tolerance of each other.

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology:

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology:The campus of CUET located on the Chittagong-Kaptai road with an area of 163 acres. Uniqueness of the university is its location surrounded by hills and lakes and only 25 km away from the city ofthe Chittagong. Surroundings of the campus are the attractions for the tourists of the country; hydroelectric plant, the KaptaiLake , the hill resorts of Rangamati and Bandarban. The campus is a place with all kinds of facilities for the students including academic buildings, administration building, auditorium, library, computer center, workshop, research laboratories, residence halls for students, teachers quarter, canteens, central mosques, bank, post office, canteens, telephone exchange, card phone booths, phone/fax caterer, a large auditorium, two halls for holding conference, and tow mini-mart for general needs. The university hasa its own medical Centre for primary and special care and regular bus services for students.

Shrine of Shah Amanat:

Shrine of Shah Amanat: This is also very famous and historical place like tomb of BaiyazidBotani. Thousands of people come to visit this place every day and it is very popular for the traveler. It is only about 4 km away from the zero point of the Chittagong city. This place is blessed with many natural wonders. There are many hotels andrestaurants near the Shrine of Shah Amanat.

The Batali Hill

The Batali Hill The tallest hill of the Chittagong metropolitan area is Batali hill which is located at the tiger pass area of Chittagong and it is only 1km away from the zero point. The most exciting thing of this hill is that the whole city is visible from the top of the hill. People also can enjoy the mouth of the river of karnaphuli and also the sea port of Chittagong. Sunset scene is also very exciting to see from the top. Tourists love to see breath taking sunset and enjoy the whole city from the top of the hill.

Sitakunda Eco Park

Sitakunda Eco Park From Chittagong, the park is about 37 kilometers away and was established in 1998.It is very popular place for the visitors because of it’s large botanical garden with a land of 1,996 acres and great famous location of Buddhists. There are also other attractions; Chandranath temple and the Buddha temple. The intention of the park is also to retain the original pool of plants and keep ecology in balance. There are many kinds of precious and rare plantsand wild fauna of original and tropical origin which have created the opportunity for students and researchers for the eco- tourism and the physical infrastructure. There is a beautiful natural fountain in the park. It is really enjoyable to go to the bottom of the fountain to enjoy the scene. In every year, around one million people come to see this natural spring.


Chittagong Medical College: Chittagong Medical College is one of most renowned medical colleges in Bangladesh. It was established in 1957. It was founded by the former Prime Minister Hossain ShahidSohrawardy. Nowadays, CMC is known as the excellence for the medical studies in Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. It also renders specialized hospital services to the common people. CMC conducts counselling on deadly diseases, family planning, Psychiatry etc. treatments. CMC is also equipped with modern medical diagnostic and investigation services. On a daily basis, hospital outdoor patient department (OPD) receives five thousand patients a day.

Shah Amanat Airport

Chittagong airport: The Chittagong airport is located in the Patenga area of the city. It is 20 km west from the city’s main commercial hub, GEC circle and 18.5 km south of the city’s railway station on the north bank of Karnaphuli River. Although there are no hotels and restaurants near the airport, there are numerous hotels and restaurants are available in the main city. It is the second largest airport of the country and maintained and operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. It is used by the Bangladesh Air Force which was formerly known as M.A.Hannan but renamed as Hazart Shah Amanat. The airport is able to handle 1.5 million passengers and 6000 tons of cargo. Services are provided by nine airlines in the airport by connecting the international airports. It is also used for domestic flights.

Patenga Sea Beach

Patenga Sea Beach: PatengaSea Beach is a popular place for the visitors for its nice view of sea’s blue water. It is just 14 kilometers away from the Chittagong city. People visit the beach to enjoy the gentle breeze and the beautiful scene of sun set. More than thousands of people visit the place every day to enjoy the magnificent view of the sea beach. The location of the beach is at the tidal mouth of the river karnaphuli and the Bay of Bengal. This beach is 22 km long and is protected from erosion with the help of large rock. The large rocks are like benches so the visitors sit on the rocks to enjoy the sea beach and sun set.

Chittagong University

University of Chittagong: It is just 22 km away of the city of Chittagong and it lies north of the city. It was founded at 1966 and the rank of the university is 3rd as public university. University of Chittagong is the only university which is surrounded by the hills and mountains. It is the only university which has its own Shuttle train for students. Every day, starting from 7 a.m., the train runs between city and university many times till 9 p.m. The university is located at amidst of nature; surrounded by the hills and mountains. This is a large university with 1754 acres of land surrounded by hills, natural lakes, ponds and big and tall green trees. People from the local places come for gazing their cattle and for farming. There are almost 22,000 students in the campus but the campus does not look gathering because of its available places.

Baezid Bostami Mazar

Tomb of sultan BayazidBotani: Tomb of Sultan BayazidBotani is another existing historical place. As Chittagong is called the land of 12 saints, there are many shrines but it is very famous surroneded by a big pond and green trees. Many people come to visit the place for religious purposes or to visit as historical place. The most precious attraction is hundred years old tortoises and people believe that they carry the evil spirits of the dead.

Sea Port

Chittagong Port: This is the biggest sea port of the country, located on the Karnaphuliriver of the Chittagong. Most of the exports and imports of the country are completed through this port. It is very favorable to trade manufactured products (garments, jute and jute goods, leather products, fertilizers and seafood), raw materials and others. Window berthing systems were introduced on August, 2007 to provide the departure times and arrival times of all the ships. Among the systems, two berths are usually kept for the emergency. The port was able to handle 43 million tonnes of cargo and 1.4 million tonnes of containers in 2011. According to the CPA traffic department, the Chittagong sea port is the world’s 90th busiest port in the world (2013).

circuit house

Chittagong Circuit house which is situated near the kazirdewari stadium of Chittagong. It is 3 km north of the Zero Point. Ex-president Zia was killed in this house on May 30, 1981 in the room no 04. Activities of Zia and some household goods are preserved in the museum. This residence was actually built for government’s high officials by British. This house was also used by the Pakistani as torturing house during the liberation war of Bangladesh and they killed thousands of people during war in this house. This building is still look gorgeous and people can enjoy the architecture of the British period.


Foy’s Lake: Foy’s lake, located 8 kilometers away from the city of chittagong. This lake is a natural gift which was created to supply drinking water by an engineer whose name is Mr. Foy. It is a place of square setting surrounded by hills. Recently, there are many developments have been made by the companies as the entertainment place for the visitors. The current company of the park is Concord Group. This is a place of amusement including all kinds of modern rides and fun activities and there are many beautiful and romantic hotels for the honeymoon. It looks very beautiful from the top of the lake during the period of sunset. The visit in Chittagong is not completed without visiting in the Foy’s lake.


War Cemetery:The position of war cemetery of Chittagong is in Dampara, No 19 BadshaMia ChowdhuryRoad. It is 22 kilometers north from the airport and it is directly behind Finlay’s guest house at the lowest part of a slope. The burial site is encircled by an area with a combination of jungle trees, fruit trees and flower trees .The burial site cannot be seen easily from the road because of jungle of trees. The army created the cemetery and there were aboriginally about 400 burials. From Lushai hills, Chittagong civil cemetery and other isolated sites, graves were sent to this War Cemetery. Total no of burials of commonwealth are 731, from these 17 graves are not defined, 20 graves are of foreign national burials, 19 graves are of Japanese soldier of which one is undefined, four of non-war U.K militaries and one of seaman.
Chattogram At a Glance
Area: 5283km2
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Union Road: 1138.37Km
Village Road: 4241.02Km VA
6851.16Km VB
Population: 79.13 lac
Density: 1497Km2
Literacy: 58.90%
No. of Upazila: 15
No. of Union: 195
No. of Pourashava: 14
No. of Primary School: 2997
No. of High School: 751
No. of College: 150
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