Historical Places

3. Parolia mosque

It is an ancient mosque. which is situated Palash Upazila, Dist-Narsingdi.

2. Sonaimurirtac.

Sonaimurirtec is situated near the Dhaka-Sylhet High way under Shibpur Upazila, Narsingdi District.


1. Wari-Bateshwar: Wari-Bateshwar a significant archaeological site in Bangladesh. Located three kilometres west of Belabo thana of Narshingdi district, Wari (Wari) and Bateshwar (Bateshvar) are two contiguous villages long known for being the find-spot of silver punch-marked coins in Bengal. The villages are situated on the Pleistocene flat surface of the eastern Madhupur tract. A small dried-up river, called Kayra, flows in an east west direction on the northern side of the villages. The landscape of the area suggests that during an early historic period the old Brahmaputra river used to flow near the village. The river has now shifted a few kilometres eastward. The Meghna flows only a few kms to the south of this area and the Arial Khan flows into it. The location of the two villages on a comparatively high, flood-free ground; their proximity to the old Brahmaputra, and access to the Meghna add significance to the site. an archaeological site in Narsinghdi district of Bangladesh. Cultivation of land, digging drains, cutting garbage-pit and red soil for building local traditional mud-house and other household activities of the local people regularly turn the surface upside down which expose the objects of ancient people in Wari-Bateshwar. In addition, after rain fall, wonderful beads of semi-precious stone and glass, silver punch-marked coins etc. are rinsed out which results into clear visibility. In 1930s, local schoolteacher Hanif Pathan and afterward his son Habibulla Pathan started collecting those artifacts and later carried out research with a curious mind. But for a long time, this potentially important archaeological site had failed to attract the attention of professional archaeologists in Bangladesh. After waiting for 60 years, archaeological exploration started in 1989 resulting regular excavation from 2000. A two thousand five hundred year old fort-city was discovered at Wari-Bateshwar, after extensive exploration and limited excavation. In the 600m D7 600m fortified enclosure, there are four mud ramparts. Though most of the parts of the ancient ramparts have been destroyed but evidence of 5-7 feet height walls still exist in some places. The ramparts are surrounded by moat, which, in course of time, silted up and turned into paddy fields. However, the eastern part of the silted moat can easily be visualized. 2. Sonaimurirtac & 3. Parolia mosque
Narshingdi At a Glance
Area: 1237km2
Upazila Road: 428.86 km
Union Road: 515.7Km
Village Road: 1819.39Km VA
2737.15Km VB
Population: 22,24,944
Density: 1900Km2
Literacy: 55.00
No. of Upazila: 6
No. of Union: 70
No. of Pourashava: 6
No. of Primary School: 749
No. of High School: 25
No. of College: 36
Procurment, Narshingdi