LGED, Thakurgaon, Notification of Award

Project/District/Unit Title Description Agriment Date Tender No Type Deatils
Thakurgaon, Haripur See in the File Package No. W2.0836, W2.1219 18/09/2012 works Details
Thakurgaon, Sadar See in the File Package No. W1.0267, W2.0166, W2.0167, W2.0168, W2.0838, W2.0839, W2.1221, W2.1222 11/07/2012 works Details
Thakurgaon NOA SRIIP See in the details Package No: W-019 and W-023 22/05/2013 works Details
Thakurgaon NOA LBC/THA/02 Mr. Hori Ram Package No-LBC/THA/02 01/07/2013 works Details
Thakurgaon NOA C-032 & W-018 See in the details C-032 & W-018 22/09/2013 works Details
Thakurgaon At a Glance
Area: 1810km2
Upazila Road: 484.89 km
Union Road: 784.64Km
Village Road: 1755.35Km VA
1986.88Km VB
Population: 1295922 (2001)
Density: 751 Km2
Literacy: 65%
No. of Upazila: 5
No. of Union: 51
No. of Pourashava: 3
No. of Primary School: 954
No. of High School: 279
No. of College: 45
Procurment, Thakurgaon