Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project (BRT Gazipur-Airport) (GDSUTP)

Serial District Name District Code/ID Upazila Name Upazila Code/ID Project ID Package No Scheme Name Road ID Length of Scheme(Km) - Road Length of Scheme(m) - Bridge/Culverts Building Quantity Estimated Amount(LAC) Contractor Name Contract Amount(LAC) Date of Contract (DD/MM/YYYY) Date of commencement (DD/MM/YYYY) Date of Completion (DD/MM/YYYY) Physical Progress(%) Financial Progress (Amount) (LAC) Financial Progress(%) Date of Progress Update (DD/MM/YYYY) Remarks
1 Gazipur 21 gazipur-s 174 308 GDSUTP/BRT Gazipur-Airport/PDPM/LGED/WP-02 Construction of Pavement, Drain, Pedestrain Facilities and Local Markets on Both Sides of BRT Corridor 1.00 11965.99 Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co. Ltd. Apartment-3&4, House-2, Road-12/A, Sector-10, Uttara, Dhaka 15831.83 10/12/2017 10/05/2019 15 22/01/2019  
2 Gazipur 21 gazipur-s 174 308 GDSUTP/BRT Gazipur-Airport/GBD/LGED/ICB-01 Construction & Completion of BRT Bus Depot at Gazipur 1.00 3163.91 SEL-UDC JV House # B-104, Road # 8, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka. 3255.72 08/02/2016 22/01/2018 15 22/01/2019