Project Scheme Detail List
SL No. Package No. Name Length (Km) Allotment (Lac) Name of Contractor Contract Amount (Lac) Date of Commencement Date of Completion Physical Progress (%) Date of Progress Update Remarks
1 Sundarganj
1 IRIDP-2/GAI/DW-30 (i) Improvement of road Nagarkatgara GC- Motin Bazar from ch: 00-1650m (ii) Construction of 5Nos. U-drain (0.625m x 0.600m) at ch. 263m, 1006m, 1132m,1300m & 1468m on the same road. 1.6500 93.780 Md. Shoheb Hossain Mona 93.780 100 21/03/2019
2 IRIDP-2/GAI/DW-29 (i) Improvement of road Kasim Bazar-Sicha Bazar from ch: 00-1415m (ii) Construction of 1Nos. U-drain (0.625m x 0.600m) at ch.676m on the same road. 1.4150 75.070 M/S SR Traders 75.070 100 21/03/2019
3 IRIDP-2/GAI/DW-28 i) Improvement of Road Monmoth (FRB)-Khamar moniram bazar from ch: 900-3100m (ii) Construction of 1 No. 0.625m x 0.600m U-drain at ch.2420m on the same road. 2.2000 64.890 Md. Abdul Latif Hakkani 64.890 100 21/03/2019
4 IRIDP-2/GAI/DW-27 i) Improvement of Road Ramgonj-Basuhat (Sibrammor) from ch: 1500-2550m (ii) Construction of 2 No. 0.625m x 0.600m U-drain at ch.1535 & 1650 m on the same road. (iii) Construction of 1 No.1x2.00x1.50m RCC Box Culvert at ch.1735m on the same road. 1.0500 63.350 Md. Khademul Islam Jewel 63.350 100 21/03/2019
5 IRIDP-2/GAI/DW-26 Improvement of road Masterpara -Rangpur Gaibandha road from ch: 00-500m 0.5000 26.240 Md. Abdul Latif Hakkani 26.240 100 21/03/2019
Total : 6.8150 (Km) 323.33 (Lac) 323.33 (Lac)