Project Scheme Detail List
SL No. Package No. Name Length (Km) Allotment (Lac) Name of Contractor Contract Amount (Lac) Date of Commencement Date of Completion Physical Progress (%) Date of Progress Update Remarks
1 Fulchari
1 ( SHOU III/Gai/W-06) Construction of School Cum Flood Shelter Dariar Vita Govt. Parimary School Under Fulchari Upazila, District: Gaibandha 27.001 Prodip Kumar sarker Bridge Road Gaibandha 27.001 24/12/2018 04/06/2019 60 10/04/2019 On going
2 Sadullapur
1 (SHOU III/Gai/W-15). "(a) Rehabilitation of road from Kantanagar- Luxmipur road at Vuttu Army shouse to uttar hat Bamuni Agriculture sales centre under Shadullahpur upazila, Dist:Gaibandha (b) Rehabilitation of 03(Three) nos 0.625*0.600m drainage culvert( u-drain) on the same road at ch:111m, 155m &305m (c) Construction of 3.00*2.50m RCC box culvert at ch.715 on the same road. Under Sadullapur Upazila Dist.: Gaibandha 1.0550 100.950 M/s Mafi Construction, JOYANPUR , P.O.:Sadullahpu, Upazilla:Sadullahpur,District: Gaibandha 100.950 06/10/2018 30/06/2019 100 22/05/2019 Completed
3 Sundarganj
1 (SHOU III/Gai/W-07) Construction of School Cum Flood Shelter Kolim Sarkarer Char Govt. Parimary School Under Sundarganj Upazila, District: Gaibandha 26.540 Md. Shamim Ahammed Mondal, Gotia, Saghata, Gaibandha 26.540 24/12/2018 04/06/2019 70 03/07/2019 On going
2 SHOU III/ Gai/W-01 Construction of kanicaritabari mollapara govt.primary school under sundarganj upazila dist. Gaibandha 27.100 M/S Shazin Traders, Gaibandha 27.100 10/01/2018 14/10/2018 100 05/03/2019 Completed
Total : 1.0550 (Km) 181.59 (Lac) 181.59 (Lac)