Project Scheme Detail List
SL No. Package No. Name Length (Km) Allotment (Lac) Name of Contractor Contract Amount (Lac) Date of Commencement Date of Completion Physical Progress (%) Date of Progress Update Remarks
1 Kalkini
1 CW-39.d/RCIP/MDR 1. Improvement of Road from Khasherhat GC to Shariatpur R&H Road (Kalkini Part) (Ch: 00m to 2100m) under Kalkini Upazila, District: Madaripur (Road ID: 354402005) 2. Improvement of Road From Khoajpur-Takerhat R&H to Khasherhat GC Road via Laxmipur UP Office & Shurjamoni hat (Ch: 907m to 16500m) (Effective Length-15138m) under Kalkini Upazila, District: Madaripur (Road ID: 354402007) 17.2380 2200.730 M/S Kohinoor Enterprise 2200.730 15/09/2020 31/12/2022 76 12/01/2023 Carpeting Completed
2 Madaripur-s
1 CW-39.b/RCIP/MDR 1. Improvement of Road from NHW-Tribhagdi Hat GC road Ch 00m-5170m under Madaripur Sadar Upazila District Madaripur Road ID 354542003 2. Improvement of Road from Trivagdi GC-Mithapur Hat-Habiganj hat-Mollahat-Shekhpur RHD Ch 00m to 9663mEffective Length-9049m under Sadar Upazila District Madaripur Road ID 354542005 14.0800 1945.053 M/S Kohinoor Enterprise 1945.053 15/09/2020 18/12/2022 97 26/09/2023 Carpeting Completed
2 CW-39.c/RCIP/MDR 1.Improvement of Madaripur Puran Bazar-Bangla Bazar-Hosnabad Bazar-Kalikapur UP Road from Ch. 00m to 6300m under Madaripur Sadar Upazila District Madaripur Road ID 354402005 2. Improvement of Road from Kalkini Upazila HQ to Khasherhat GC Road via Shomitirhat Bazar Ch.00m to 12505m under Kalkini Upazila District Madaripur Effective Length-10977m Road ID 354402007 17.2800 1747.643 M/S Kohinoor Enterprise 1747.643 15/09/2020 31/12/2022 90 12/01/2023 Carpeting Completed
3 CW-39.a/RCIP/MDR 01. Improvement of Road from R&H Char Muguria-Sreenadi Hat GC Ch 00m to 17250mEffective Length 17250m under Sadar Upazila District Madaripur Road ID 354542001 17.2500 2853.802 M/S Kohinoor Enterprise 2853.802 15/09/2020 18/12/2022 100 12/01/2023 Carpeting Completed
3 Rajoir
1 CW-08/RCIP/MDR 1. Improvement of Paikpara UP-Fultala hat-Dhamarchar Rd. (Road ID354803006, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 2. Improvement of Takerhat GC-Sreenadi GC-Charmuguria-Khagdi RHD road (Road ID354802011, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 3. Improvement of Improvement of Rajoir Upazila H/Q - Sreenadi GC (Road ID354802005, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 4. Improvement of Improvement of Sagolchira R&H - Paikpara Union Road (Road ID354803011, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 5. Improvement of Takerhat GC - Kadambari GC (Road ID354802001, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 6. Improvement of Takerhat GC - Kabirajpur GC via Hossainpur UP (Road ID354802002, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 7. Improvement of Sanerpar R&H - Amgram GC road (Road ID354802003, Upazila: Rajoir, District: Madaripur) 64.5570 8028.615 Mir Habibul Alam & Shamim Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. JV. Mobile Number: 01712562099 8028.615 13/10/2019 31/03/2023 93 12/01/2023 Carpeting Completed
4 Shibchar
1 CW-39.e/RCIP/MDR 1. Improvement of Road from R&H, Bypass Road to Kathal Bari Ferry Ghat Road via Kutubpur Growth Center and Bangla Bazar (Ch: 00m to 8280m) under Shibchar Upazila, District: Madaripur (Road ID: 354872005) 8.2800 1009.132 M/S Hamim International 1009.132 21/10/2020 31/12/2022 97 12/01/2023 Carpeting Completed
Total : 138.6850 (Km) 17784.98 (Lac) 17784.98 (Lac)