Project Scheme Detail List
SL No. Package No. Name Length (Km) Allotment (Lac) Name of Contractor Contract Amount (Lac) Date of Commencement Date of Completion Physical Progress (%) Date of Progress Update Remarks
1 Shariatpur-s
1 CW-22/RCIP/SRT 1. Improvement of Angaria GC - Chandrapur GC via Binodpur UP Road. (Road ID386692001, Upazila: Sadar, District: Shariatpur) 2. Improvement of Chandrapur GC - Kazirtek R&H Road. (Road ID386692004, Upazila: Sadar, District: Shariatpur) 3. Improvement of Shakhinpur UP-Gowranga Bazar (Dularchar) (Road ID386143006, Upazila: Bhedarganj, District: Shariatpur) 4. Improvement of Kalikhola Bazar RHD-Rudrokar RHD via Nagerpara GC, Munshirhat Road. (Road ID386362001, Upazila: Goshairhat, District: Shariatpur) 5. Improvement of Subachani-Nagerpara Raod. (Road ID386252003, Upazila: Damuddya, District: Shariatpur) 6. Improvement of Charbhaga UP-Gowranga bazar road. (Road ID386143016, Upazila: Bhedarganj, District: Shariatpur) 7. Improvement of Shakhi GC - Mredhakandi RHD Road. (Road ID386142007, Upazila: Bhedarganj, District: Shariatpur) 8. Improvement of Balar bazar (Rudrakar)-Subhochani-Moderhat-Negerpara rd. (Road ID386692005, Upazila: Shariatpur-S, District: Shariatpur) 47.9550 5722.148 ARKL & Hamim (JV) Pro.Lubna Khanom.Madaripur Mob:-01712-178665 5722.148 09/10/2019 22/05/2022 90 11/01/2023 BC Completed
Total : 47.9550 (Km) 5722.15 (Lac) 5722.15 (Lac)