Project Scheme Detail List
SL No. Package No. Name Length (Km) Allotment (Lac) Name of Contractor Contract Amount (Lac) Date of Commencement Date of Completion Physical Progress (%) Date of Progress Update Remarks
1 Ramganj
1 CW-05/RCIP/ LAX 1.Improvement of Ramgonj Nagerdighir hat via Harischar Bazar (Road ID451652011, Upazila: Ramgonj, District: Laxmipur) 2. Improvement of Bhobanigon GC- Refuje Market-Megna Bazar-Chakbazar-Munshirhat Road (Road ID451432006, Upazila: Sadar, District: Laxmipur) 3. Improvement of Raipur-Panpara Road (Road ID451582002, Upazila: Raipur, District: Laxmipur) 4. Improvement of Lawrancekasher hat-Ander char Road (Road ID451743007, Upazila: Komol Nagar, District: Laxmipur) 5. Improvement of Torabgonj GC - Shantirhat - Hajiganj - Bander hat - Chowdhurirhat - Ramgati Bazar Raod (Road ID451732007, Upazila: Ramgati, District: Laxmipur) 37.6300 4372.572 Toma Construction & Co. Limited-M/S. M.A Engineering (JV)Paltan Power, 87, Purana Platan LaneSuite# 607 (6th Floor), Dhaka-1000 4372.572 29/09/2019 30/05/2022 100 12/01/2023 Work Completed
Total : 37.6300 (Km) 4372.57 (Lac) 4372.57 (Lac)