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Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) is professionally competent, pro-active and efficient as well as one of the largest public sector organizations in Bangladesh responsible for planning, implementation and monitoring of rural, urban and small-scale water resources development, by ensuring participation of Local Government Institutions (LGI) and community.

Among the functional mandates of LGED, top priority has been given for the development of rural road transport network in the country for providing easier and cheaper transport services that plays a vital role in country's economic growth, increased productivity, poverty reduction and social development. The government of Bangladesh in association with development partners has invested substantial resources in rural infrastructure development in the country; mostly in rural road and structure development.  During the last three decades, significant development took place in the expansion of upazila road, and union road also known as rural road network in the country.

Road and road structures require careful and timely maintenance to keep it in proper condition.  Without adequate and timely maintenance, road infrastructures deteriorate even with proper adherence to specified construction quality and materials standards, which leads to higher vehicle operating costs, increase number of accidents and reduced reliability of transport services.

In view of the necessity of maintenance of these structures, Government of Bangladesh started allocation of funds to Local Government Engineering Department since 1992-93 from its revenue budget to address the rural road and structures maintenance throughout the country.  Accordingly, to accomplish cost-effective maintenance management and implementation, the Government has set up Rural Infrastructure Maintenance Cell (RIMC) in 1998 under LGED. It was subsequently renamed as Rural Infrastructure Maintenance Management Unit (RIMMU) in 2004.  It has now been named as Road Maintenance and Road Safety Unit (RMRSU) in 2011. Total manpower under RMRS unit is 17.  All activities of this unit are executed under overall supervision of Additional Chief Engineer (Maintenance). RMRS unit of LGED is headed by Superintending Engineer (Maintenance). supported by three Executive Engineers (Maintenance), one Executive Engineer (Road Safety), one Transport Economist (Executive Engineer), one Programmer, one Senior Assistant Engineer, two Assistant Engineers and one Estimator.

                The functional hierarchy of RMRS Unit is as follows:

Key planning and implementation guidelines, policies and strategies followed by LGED on rural road and infrastructure maintenance management are:

  • Rural road and Bridge Maintenance policy 2013
  • Perspective plan of Bangladesh 2010-2021
  • Five Years plan
  • Bangladesh Environment (Act) (ECA) of 1995 (Revised 2010)
  • Bangladesh natural Water bodies conservation Act of 2000
  • Road classification Gazette 2006 and Design standard 2005 of the Planning Commission
  • National Road Safety Strategic Action Plan
  • Budget frame work, National goals and objectives.

Main objectives of RMRSU are:

  • to attain higher economic growth, increase productivity, poverty reduction and social development through proper and timely maintenance of rural road and road structures that reduces the rate of deterioration, lowering vehicle operating costs
  • to keep the road open continuously
  • to improve the road safety concerns
  • to mitigate environmental and social aspects etc. 
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