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Memo no :- LGED/EE/Madari/ASSSRBP/C-622/2016/702                                               Date: 02-03-2016


Letter of Acceptance


To  :    


Name of Contractor      : SM-ST(JVCA)

Address                       : Stadium Road



Subject: Notification of Award Contract No.LGED/ASSSRBP/Madaripur/W-07


This is to notify you that your Bid dated 11-02-2016 for execution of the



Improvement of Kumrakhali-Mostofapur GC(Bir Muktijodda Kholilur Rahman Bridge)road by BC at ch.4000-4600m(ID No.354545077)(Sadar).


Improvement of Pearpur FWC(Ghatokchar)-Mosfofapur GC road by BC at ch.00-900m(ID No.354545152) (Sadar).


Construction of 2x4.00x4.00m Box Culvert on Ghatmajhi UP (Khagdi Bus Stand)-Amratali-Gaganpur Bazar road at ch.10m(ID No.354543001)(Sadar).


Construction of 1x4.50x4.50m Box Culvert on Khoajpur  UP (Mother Bazar)-Takerhat via Degreekandi  road at ch.2965m(ID No.354543013)(Sadar).


Construction of 2000m Pucca Irrigation Chanel at different location under Madaripur District.


Improvement of Enayernagar UP(Khaleker hat) to Karimgonj bazar road at ch.699-2366m by BC(ID No.354403021)(Kalkini).


Improvement of UZR-2,Bashgari Fasiatola bazar via Karimgonj har road at ch.3010-4810m by BC (ID.No.354403024)(Kalkini).


Improvement of Fazalgonj Bazar(Kalkini).


Improvement of Kabirajpur Collage-Goaldi Kheyaghat road at ch.00-1000m by BC(ID.No.354804096)(Rajoir).


Improvement of Machchar Pucca road-Kamaldi R&H via Kalasi bari road at ch.00-1000m(ID.No.354804095)(Rajoir).


Improvement of Kadambari UP-Laxmipur via Ikrabari Primary School & Dodara road at ch.2000-4000m by Earthwork(ID. No.354805032)(Rajoir).


Construction of Landing stage at Amgram GC(Rajoir).


Improvement of road from UZR-7,Digreerchar house of Latif Dhali to UZR-8, Wahed Ali Mridha house road via house of Amzad Dhali road by BC at ch.00-500m(ID No.354875141)(Shibchar).


Construction of Single vent RCC Box Culvert(size 1x1.601.60m) on Utrail GC to NHW(Shurjanagar Hat)via Dattapara UP Bhaban at ch.3780m(ID No.354872002)(Shibchar).


Construction of Single vent RCC Box Culvert(size 1x1.601.60m) on Utrail GC to NHW(Shurjanagar Hat)via Dattapara UP Bhaban at ch.6340m(ID No.354872002)(Shibchar).


Construction of Double vent Box Culvert(size 2x4.50x4.50m)on VRA-8,Near the house of Salam Molla to Salam Hawlader house road at ch.5.00m(ID No.354875110)(Shibchar).


Construction of Single vent RCC Box Culvert(size 1x2.00x1.60m on Shamu Hawlader house to Jashim Kazi house road at ch.640m(ID No.354875127)(Shibchar).


Package No:LGED/ASSSRBP/Madaripur/W-07, under Madaripur District, for the Accepted Contract Amount of the equivalent of BDT: 6,16,80,927.95(Taka Six Crore Sixteen Lac Eighty Thousand Nine hundred Twenty Seven point Nine Five Only) as corrected and modified in accordance with the instruction to Bidders is hereby accepted by our Agency.



You are thus requested to furnish the Performace Security amounting BDT Tk. 30,84,100.00 (Thirty Lac Eighty four Thousand One Hundred only) within 28 days in accordance with the Conditions of  Contract, using for that purpose of the Performance Security form included in Section IX (Contract Forms) of the Bidding Documents.




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We accept that Mr. Saroj Kumar Sarker, Retd. Additional Chief Engineer,LGED, 390, South Paike Para, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216 be appointed as the Adjudicator.


Attachment : Contract Agreement




(Nirmal Kumar Biswas)

Executive Engineer

LGED, Madaripur.

e-mail: xen.madaripur@lged.gov.bd


C.C. :

1.  The Chief Engineer, LGED, LGED Bhaban, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar,Dhaka-1207 .

2.  The Additional Chief Engineer(Implementation), LGED, LGED Bhaban, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar,

     Dhaka-1207 .

3.  The Additional Chief Engineer,Dhaka Division, 62, West Agargaon,Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207.

4.  The Superintending Engineer, Faridpur Zone, LGED, Faridpur.

5. The Project Manager,ASSSRBP,LGED Bhaban(Level-8),62, West Agargaon,Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207.

6.  The Deputy Director,DAE,Dhaka.

7.  The Executive Engineer,PM&E,Level-5, LGED, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar,Dhaka-1207 .

8.  Mr. Khalid A M. Ahmed,Senior Rural Infrastructure Development Specialist, Integrated Rural Development

     Division(IRD), Agriculture & Rural Development Department(AGR),IDB,Jeddah,KSA.

9.  The Upazila Agriculture Officer, Upazila: Sadar/Kalkini/Rajoir/Shibchar,District: Madaripur.

10 The Upazila Engineer,LGED,Upazila: Sadar/Kalkini/Rajoir/Rajoir,District-Madaripur.



























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