Current Activities

Construction of Upazila Road, Construction of Union Roads:

Construction of bridges and culverts on Upazila & Union Roads, Development of growth centers and rural markets, Construction of small scale water resource scheme, such as construction of embankment, re-excavation of khal, construction of small sluice and regulators, Re-excavation of khals and other ponds, Tree plantation on slopes of Upazila & Union Road, rural roads and embankment, Routine maintenance of earth roads, Herring Bone Bond (HBB) roads and other paved roads, Repair and routine maintenance of bridge/culverts, Construction of school buildings, office buildings, residential quarters, cyclone shelters, Server Station for Electoral Database Project,   etc are implementing by different projects of LGED at this Munshigonj District.

List of few Projects name is given below :

  • Second Rural Transport Improvement Project-(RTIP-II)

  • Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila & Union Road Project(LBC).

  • Important Rural Infrastructure development Project.(IRIDP).

  • Greater Dhaka,Tangail & kishorganj District Project-(GDP-II).

  • Prime Minister's Priority Project (PMP-2nd Phase)

  • Construction of Union Parishad Complex Bhaban Project.(Phase-2)

  • Union Road & others Infrastructure development Project.(UNR-GDP)

  • Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Bhaban Project.

  • Construction of Housing for Landless & under Privileged Muktijoddha Project.

  • Upazila Road Improvement Project.(UZRDP)

  • Third Primary Education Development Program(PEDP-III)

  • Primary Education Development Program(IDB)

List of few important on going scheme’s name given below :

  • Construction of 65m RCC girder bridge on Moricha Bus Stand RHD via Shibrampur Hat-Barai Khali GC at Ch 7050m under Sirajdikhan upazila, District-Munshigonj. 

  • Improvement of Ramjanbag Char Mosura  Road (Ch. 00-3200m) under Sadar upazila. District: Munshigonj.

  • Construction of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Baban at Tongibari,Sirajdikhan & Louhajong District Munshigang  

  • Construction of 54m long RCC Girder Bridge on Bhatechar-Uttar Shapur-Mathabangha road (With Tangerchar Connecting road) at Ch.830m under Gazaria Upzaila District-Munshigonj.

  • Improvement of Satullah-Panchgaon Bazar-Boloi-Fazusha Road under Tongibari  Upazila.1.44km (RTIP-II)

  • Construction of 80.0m Long RCC Girder Bridge Over  on Podderbag -Shologhar Clinic road at Ch. 1780m. Under Sreenagar upazila.

  • Improvement of Saperchar Bazar under Sirajdikhan Upazila. 

  • Const. of Embankment Cum Road Project. (Beribad)  

Moreover road & Bridge maintenance activities are smoothly on going on different roads to keep the roads & bridges well.

Munshiganj At a Glance
Area: 955km2
Upazila Road: 349.36 km
Union Road: 314.76Km
Village Road: 679.26Km VA
1175.63Km VB
Population: 15,02,449
Density: 1573 Km2
Literacy: 56.1%
No. of Upazila: 6
No. of Union: 67
No. of Pourashava: 2
No. of Primary School: 538
No. of High School: 99
No. of College: 13
Procurment, Munshiganj