The name Sunamganj is derived from its founder, Sipahi Sunamuddin, who established a bazaar on the bank of the river Surma Then the Sunamganj District city stands on the bank of the Surma river and located at 25°030869 N 91°403761 E. It was established in 1877. It is declared as a district in 1st march 1984. The postal code of Sunamganj district is 3000 and NWD Code is 0871. Total Parliament seat in Sunamganj is 05. During the liberation war, Sunamganj was under Sector Number 05 & 11., average temperature is 29.600 C and average rainfall is 5000 mm. The area of Sunamganj District is 3747.18 Sq Km. It is under Sylhet Division. There are 04 Municipalities in Sunamganj named Sunamgonj, Chatok, Derai and Jagannathpur. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Sunamganj district is 11, named- Sunamgonj sadar, Derai, Chtatak, Jamalgonj, Dharmapasha, Modhanagor, Jagannathpur, Tahirpur, Sulla, Doarabazar and Bishamvorpur containing 87 Unions, 1535 Mauzas and 2887 Villages. Sunamganj District has a strong history and heritage is diversified culture with Manipuri, Khasia, Garo, and Hajong ethnic groups from neighbouring states of India. Sunamganj District is bordered by Khasia and Jaintia Hilly area of Meghaloya (Indian State) to the north, Habiganj district to the south, Sylhet district to the east, Netrokona district to the west. Surma, Kalni, Kushiara, Bawlai, Dhanu, Shameshwari, Jalalpur etc rivers in Sunamganj and Paddy, Oil seeds, Orange, Mango, Vegetables, Fishes etc agro products grows in Sunamganj. Sunamganj is a major source of freshwater fish; Tanguar Haor is the largest inland billabong for aquaculture . Sunamganj has more haors than any other district in Bangladesh and this makes it famous for fishery business. Since 1960 sunamganj has been known for the stone and sand business, . It has been supplying river sand, natural sand, crushed stone, gravel and shingle. Beside there are more than a thousand businessman are involved in this business, where about fifty thousand workers are directly dependent in this sector .Many remarkable person has Sunamganj District, there are Shah Abdul Karim , Dewan Mohammad Azrof, Nirmolendra Chowdhury, Hason Raja, Radha Ramon dutta, Roy Bahadur, Akkhoy Kumar Das, Sree Chaytannya Deb, Abdus Samad Azad (Politician), Suranjit Sen Gupta(Politician). Sunamganj District has many tourist places there are Tanguar Haor, Jadukata River Bank, Hason Raja Memorial royal palace, Laurer Garh, Chatok Cement Factory, Paper Mill, Bareker Tila, Zoom gaon, Matir Mosque, Taker Ghat Lime Stone (CaCo3) Field.
Sunamganj At a Glance
Area: 3670km2
Upazila Road: 851.14 km
Union Road: 750.35Km
Village Road: 2141.72Km VA
1223.31Km VB
Population: 2013738
Density: 549Km2
Literacy: 49.75%
No. of Upazila: 11
No. of Union: 87
No. of Pourashava: 4
No. of Primary School: 1402
No. of High School: 199
No. of College: .43
Procurment, Sunamganj