Rural Infrastructure Development Project in Sadar Dakhin & Nangalkot Upazila Under Comilla District (2nd Phase) (Revised)


The target of the project is to improve the rural road transport network and ultimately reduce the transport cost and create marketing facility of the produces through improvement of bridge/culverts. Main Components are given below:-

Improvement of Union Road-5.28km

Improvement of Village Road-52.76km

Construction of Bridge/culvert on Village Road-149.50m

Road Maintenance -38.65km

Re-construction Road -53.59km

At a Glance
Short Title: SDNK-2
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 483
Project Code: 224109100
Sector: Rural
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By:
Budget: 7468.00
Start Date: Sep-2016
Completion Date: Jun-2021
Name of PD: Md.Abdus Salam Molla