Barisal Division Rural Infrastructure Development Project (2nd Revised) (BDRIDP) (BDRIDP)

Project Implementation Strategy

Major rural road network is incomplete and a good numbers of UZR, UNR, and Village/Cyclone Shelter Connecting Approach Road (CCA) remains unattended.Hence economic growth in these rural areas could not take place properly and have living standard of the people also below average.  In contrast, other parts of Bangladesh at least one project should be undertaken right now for this area. This project will complement /supplement the activities carried out under other rural development projects in rural infrastructure development.

The project will be implemented by the Local Government Engineering Department. An experienced and Senior Civil Engineer will be appointed on deputation as the Project Director who will remain responsible for the implementation of the project. Other required officers and support staff will be appointed on temporary basis or on deputation from LGED to assist the Project Director in the implementation of Project.

Project Consultants will be engaged for design and supervision of bridge case by case when deems necessary.


The responsibility and accountability of key project personnel.


·        The Project Director’s office will be set up at Dhaka Head Quarter to facilitate implementation of the project and the responsibilities of the Project Director will be as follows:


-   To Guide and supervise the works of officers & staff engaged in project implementation.


-   To supervise and monitor the implementation of project activities.


-   To prepare the yearly work plan with the help of District Executive Engineer of project area LGED and ensure that the implementation activities are carried out according to the plan.


-   To monitor progress of the works and take necessary steps for timely release of fund of the project.


-   To make upward and downward liaison with the Ministry and District Executive Engineer, LGED and provide technical advice and other necessary supports to the Executive Engineer.


-   To arrange progress review meeting with District Office, Consultant and Contractor.



-   Ensure allocation of resources in the ADP: release fund to the concerned Executive Engineer to ensure continuous flow of fund.


-   To maintain all accounts and response to all audit.


-   To maintain day to day general administration of the project


·      Executive Engineer, PMU will assist the project director in all aspects of project management. The important aspects are-

-   Timely collection of reports and its compilation

-Follow up of all project activities

-Any job assigned by the Project Director

·      Senior Assistant Engineer& Assistant Engineer,  PIU will assist the Project director in all aspects of project management

·      The District Executive Engineer of LGED will implement the construction work of all the infrastructure of the project as Project Manager with the help of Senior Assistant Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Upazila Engineer  & Assistant Upazila Engineer, LGED

·      The Upazila Engineer with the assistance of Assistant Upazila Engineer, Sub Assistant Engineers and his technical staff will be responsible to prepare estimate, supervise the implementation of project activities, etc.

·      The provision of Consultant will be based on specific assignment not based on man month. A firm will be contracted for design and supervision of bridge case by case when deem necessary.

·      The Chief Engineer of LGED will co-ordinate the project activities to ensure proper and smooth implementation of the project.

At a Glance
Short Title: BDRIDP
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 058.2010-748 Date:08.10.2018
Project Code: 224046500
Sector: Rural
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: GOB.
Budget: 92000.00 Lac
Start Date: Jul-2013
Completion Date: Jun-2021
Name of PD: Md. Golam Kabir