Road & amp; Bridge Maintenance Unit


Major activities of LGED Road & Bridge Maintenance in brief -                                                               

  • Policy formulation for rural road and bridge maintenance;
  • Preparation of maintenance planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring guidelines and frame work for rural road and bridge;
  • Formulation of annual maintenance program;
  • Highly pro-active on on-pavement mobile maintenance and emergency maintenance;
  • Initiatives to accomplish different types of survey and update road database;
  • Initiatives to update different customized software such as RSDMS  Software, RSEPS Software and EVCS Software;
  • Data collection and organization;      
  • Assessment of Annual Maintenance need and resources required;
  • Preparation of priority scheme list;
  • Judicious allocation of district wise resources;
  • Approval of annual maintenance scheme;
  • Supervision, quality control, monitoring and reporting;
  • Arranging In-house and On Job training, workshop and seminar for field level officials regarding maintenance management;
  • Study of existing rural road safety related laws and their compilation to help the enforcement authority  regarding road safety issues;
  • Preparation of guidelines, standards and designs related to road safety;
  • Training and capacity building of LGED staff regarding road safety;
  • Coordination for inclusion of road safety component in all important road projects of LGED;
  • Install road signs and markings on route;
  • Preparation of road safety education materials for users;
  • Addressing vulnerable road users by providing education, awareness and research in collaboration with ARI-BUET;
  • Identifying the causes of accidents on rural roads;
  • Road safety action plan;
  • Black spot countermeasure design;
  • Countermeasures considering the causes of road accidents;
  • Road safety audit;
  • Updating Schedule of Rates;
LGED, rmrsu
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
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