Procurement Unit


The main functions of Procurement Unit include but not limiting to:
  • Provide technical assistance to all Procuring Entities in LGED in order to implement both offline and online procuring activities;
  • Monitor compliance with the Public Procurement Act and Rules, including other procurement procedures followed by different donor aided projects;
  • Assist Head of the procuring entity (The Chief Engineer, LGED) in discharging the responsibilities vested upon him under the Public Procurement framework and Delegation of Financial Power (DoFP) issued by the Ministry of Finance;
  • Help-desk support to Procuring Entities, Tender/Proposal Evaluation Committee members in processing the e-GP activities;
  • Provide MIS, Server and Email ID trouble shooting services to all stakeholders (PEs, ToC, TEC Members etc.);
  • Performs the duties of Organization Admin and Head of the Procuring Entity’s ID on behalf of the Chief Engineer, LGED;
  • Provide opinion in relation to complex procurement issues requested by the Chief Engineer, Project Directors, Executive Engineers and Upazila Engineers;  
  • Verify the Tender Documents, Request for Proposal Documents; Specifications, Terms of References (ToR) etc. prepared by the concern Procuring Entities above certain threshold.
  • Issue guidance notes, instructions to LGED procuring entities in connection with the procurement matters;
  • Receive and examine annual procurement plans prepared by procuring entities;
  • Develop, promote and support training and professional development of LGED officials engaged in public procurement;
  • Prepare any sections of documents (apart from CPTU documents) to be used in connection with the public procurement etc.
LGED, pu
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
Level-9, LGED Bhaban, Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207. +880255006775