Rangpur Division Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project (1st Revised) (RDRIIP)


Objectives of the Project :
i) To improve overall rural accessibility specifically with Upazila H/Q and Growth center improvement of Upazila Union & Village including bridges/culverts and thereby uplifting socio-economic condition of the rural people.
ii) Improvement of the physical facilities of Growth Center/Rural Hat -bazar in order to ensure fair price of agricultural production enhancement of rural economic and commercial activities.
iii) To create employment opportunities for the poor of the project area through improvement of different physical infrastructure.
iv) Encourage women's participation in the development activities.
v) To improve the environment through tree plantation the both side of the Upazila ,Union & Village.
At a Glance
Short Title: RDRIIP
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: ECNEC 20.00.0000. 412.06.010.13-329 Date:17-11.2013
Project Code: 224046800
Sector: Rural
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: GOB.
Budget: Tk-73990.00(in lakh)
Start Date: Oct-2013
Completion Date: Jun-2019
Name of PD: A.K.M.Harun-ur-Rashid