City Governance Project (CGP)



To improve the public services in the target five (5) City Corporations (CC).

To strengthen the city governments’ administrative capacity and their governance improvement through ICGIAP.

To promote living environment and quality of life through IDPCC.

To create economic opportunities for CC’s to ensure the progressive revenue and economic growth by providing infrastructures in different sectors in the target City Corporations.
At a Glance
Short Title: CGP
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref: 20.00.0000.411.14. 041.14-614 date: 26-10-2014
Project Code: 5118
Sector: Urban
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: JICA.
Budget: 2,943.00 Crore
Start Date: Jul-2014
Completion Date: Jun-2021
Name of PD: Md. Golam Mostafa