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About Chittagong:

Chittagong is a city on the banks of the Karnaphuli River between the hill tracks and the Bay of Bengal, near the south eastern part of Bangladesh. The chief port of Bangladesh is located in the Chittagong and it is an essential center of export and import. It is the second largest city with largest international coastal seaport.

Geographic location:

The location of Bangladesh from southeast 20035’ to 22059’ north latitude and 91027’ to 92022’ east latitude. Feni district and Tripura on the north, Cox’s Bazar district on the south, Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachhari districts on the east and Nokhali district and the bay of Bengal on the west.

Population, area and land:

It is an area of 5282.98 square kilometers with total population of 79, 13,365, according to survey of March, 2011. The density of population is 1,497 square kilometer and total land of it is 13, 05,446 acres.


Total no of schools for primary education are 2997, Total no of schools for secondary education are 751, total no of colleges are 150,There are three public universities, six private universities, two medical colleges, two law colleges, two teaching training centers, one marine academy, one military academy, one naval academy, one marine fisheries and eight public libraries.


A resident of Chittagong is called Chittagonian. The local language of the Chittagong has Arabic, Persian, English and Portuguese loanwords. A regional meal “Mezban” attributes the cooking of unique beef curry is very popular in the Chittagong. Dried fish is a very popular food also in the Chittagong; this cuisine is the influence of Arakanse from Burma which is a neighbor country of the Bangladesh and close to Chittagong. Chittagong is very well known as the place of twelve saints because of presence of major Sufi shrines. There are also other major cultural organizations; The Theatre institute Chittagong and theChittagong Art Academy. There are predominantly three religions in Chittagong. The main religion is Islam( 83.92%), but notable percentage of people adheres to Hinduism( 13.76%), and other religious groups include Buddhism( 2.01%), Christianity( 0.11%) and others(0.2%).


There is no big difference between the transportation system of the Chittagong and the Dhaka. Throughout the regions, there are many large roads and avenues. There are many large buses, trucks, small buses, taxis, CNG taxis, cars, rickshaws, manual rickshaws and others. To come to the Chittagong, there are many companies of transports of buses; Green line, Soudia S. Alam, Hanif Enterprise and others which are providing transportation services including A/C and non A/C buses. An international airport is located in the Chittagong so that people from different big cities of the country and other countries can fly to the Chittagong by many operators’ flights including Bangladesh Biman, GMG and United Air.There are also many trains between Dhaka and Chittagong including TurnaNishitha, Paharika, Ghuduli, MohnogorProvati, Suborno Express, and Chattogrm mail.

Commerce and business:

For any country, seaport is very important for economic and commercial development. Almost 90% of the commercial activities and 75% of the exports of the Bangladesh are completed through the port of the Chittagong. Chittagong is called the commercial capital city for its largest seaport. 12% of the total contribution of GDP comes from Chittagong sea port. There are three export processing zones and more than 700 listed companies with a market capitalization of US$32 billion till June 2015. This city with its largest seaport is attracting many national and international companies. Total no of industries in the Chittagong including small and big are 5516 and total no offices of international companies are 628.

Rivers of Chittagong:

There are mainly three rivers in Chittagong; Karnafuli,Halda and Shangu.Karnaphuli is the biggest and most important river ofthe chittagong. It is 667 meters wide river which is positioned in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. The orgination of this river is from the Lushai hills in Mizora, India. It flows from 270 km into the Chittagong and Chittagong hill tracts and then flows through a snaky course before it forms two other hoops; The Dhuliachhari and the Kaptai. The only carp breeding place in Bangadesh is the Haldariver. Fishermen and egg collectors collect fertilized eggs from this river From April to June in almost every year. Finally, the Sanguriver which runs between Bangladesh and Mayanmar. The origination of this river is the north Arakan hills of Myanmar and runs between Arakan and the hill tracts of Chittagong.

Natural Resources of Chittagong:

Only gas field of the district is Sangu field which was discovered in 1994.In 1995, there was an agreement between Kaiarn Energy and Bangladesh for this gas field.From 1998 gas is extracted from this gas field. In the bank of Shongko and MathamuhoriRiver, tobacco plants were cultivated in 1960. Later,Bangladesh Tobacco Company which is known as American Tobacco Company producedtobacco in the Rangunia. Farmers still continue cultivation oftobacco for their profit. Salt production from seawater is very profitable business of people of Chittagong. Traditionally, Chittagong is also very famous for fish cultivation as it is enriched with sea, rivers, loops, creeks,ponds, and others and it is famous for export of different kinds of fishes such as Hilsha, Shrimps, Carp and others. Dried fish is a very traditional food of Chittagong. Dried fishes are sent to Chittagong through the islands of Sonadia and Sondip.

Chattogram At a Glance
Area: 5283km2
Upazila Road: 1071.1 km
Union Road: 1138.37Km
Village Road: 4241.02Km VA
6851.16Km VB
Population: 79.13 lac
Density: 1497Km2
Literacy: 58.90%
No. of Upazila: 15
No. of Union: 195
No. of Pourashava: 14
No. of Primary School: 2997
No. of High School: 751
No. of College: 150
Procurment, Chattogram