Third Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement (Sector) Project (UGIIP-III) (UGIIP-3)

Project Implementation Strategy

TheUrban Management Support Unit (UMSU) of LGED will also keep functioning assecretariat of MPRC in assessing performance of Pourashava based onUGIAP. The Superintending Engineer, Urban Management Wing of LGED, will act asDirector of UMSU and the Additional Chief Engineer in charge of urbanmanagement will coordinate activities between UMSU and PMO.


Thetransparent and fair assessment of performance is critical for a successfulperformance-based fund allocation. The Municipal Performance Review Committee(MPRC) will be responsible for rating of the performance of the participating Pourashavas. The MPRC will be chaired by the Secretary of LGD, and consist of Chief Engineerof LGED, Director General of LGD, representatives of the PC, ERD, FD and IMEDand Pourashavas, an urban governance professional nominated by LGD,Deputy Project Director from DPHE and the Director of the national UMSU (as themember secretary).   


AProject Implementation Committee (PIC) is established at LGED HQ chaired by theChief Engineer, LGED, DPHE and include representative from LGD, LGED, PhysicalInfrastructure division of Planning Commission, IMED of Planning Commission,GED of Planning Commission, Programming Division of Planning Commission. At theproject HQ level, a Project Management Unit (PMU) is established for theoverall management of the Project. The PMO is headed by Project Director (PD)who is a senior engineer specialized in urban development, at least in the rankof executive engineer, supported by officials including three Project Managersin charge of (i) Infrastructure and service delivery, (ii) Governance improvementand capacity development and (iii) water supply and sanitationrespectively.  The PMU is responsible for (i) Preparing annual work planby consolidating PIU work plans, (ii) Monitoring and supervising overallproject implementation; (iii) Assisting Pourashavas in implementing theUGIAP; (iv) Assisting Pourashavas in implementing physical works andensuring quality of works, including training; (v) Managing and supervisingconsultants under the Project; (vi)Ensuring the compliance of assurances,including safeguards; and (vii) Preparing progress reports and projectcompletion report.


TheProject Manager responsible for water supply and sanitation will be supportedby adequate qualified and experienced officials deputed from DPHE. He (ProjectManager in charge of water supply and sanitation) will be supported by adequatequalified and experienced officials deputed from DPHE. Considering utilizationof existing institutional resource in planning and designing of major watersupply sub-projects to be implemented under the project, a liaison office willbe established at DPHE Head Quarter for exploring existing resource andpreparing timely engineering detailed of water supply sub-projects. The ProjectManager-in-charge of water supply and sanitation will liaison with other unitsof DPHE in order to prepare eligible water supply sub-projects.



B.         Management Structure at the Pourashava Level


AProject Implementation Unit(PIU) is established in each participating Pourashavasto implement the UGIAP and physical works. The PIU will be headed by the PourashavaMayor assisted by the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Engineer and otherofficials.  Each PIU includes three sections: (i) the infrastructureimprovement section (IIS) headed by the Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer;(ii) the urban governance improvement section (UGIS) headed by the Secretary;and (iii) the environmental, sanitation and slum improvement section (ESSIS)headed by the Health Officer.  The PIU will be located within the Pourashavaoffice and be responsible for i) preparing the detailed annual work plan forthe respective Pourashava; (ii) implementing the governance improvementactivities specified in the UGIAP, including formation and working of TLCC andWLCC and the preparation and implementation of the PDP, GAP, and PRAP andenhancing local resource mobilization, (iii) implementing physical works,including the preparation of bid documents as well as procurement andsupervision of contractors, and (iv) preparing progress reports for submissionto the PMO. 


EachPIU will be staffed with accounting officers / accountants to manage financialtransaction including recording,preparation of liquidation statements, andreplenishment requests to the PMU.


C.         Consulting Services



MDSand GICD consultants will be selected and engaged in accordance with ADB’sGuidelines on the Use of Consultants (2007, as amended from time to time) andPublic Procurement Rules, 2008 of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) asacceptable to ADB. The firms have been selected using the quality andcost-based selection method.


Inaddition to MDS and GICD Consultants, there will be the following 3 consultancyservices recruited on individual basis following the procedures of GoB and ADB:


·      Individual Consultants(national) for Benefit Monitoring& Evaluation (BME):


·      Individual Consultants(national) for Performance Monitoring & Evaluation (PME):


·      Individual Consultants(national) for Gender Development& Poverty Alleviation (GDPA):

At a Glance
Short Title: UGIIP-3
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED & DPHE
Approval Ref: ECNEC / 01-07-2014
Project Code: 13703/224048000
Sector: Urban
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Funded By: ADB, GOB, OFID.
Budget: 4046.17 Crore
Start Date: Jul-2014
Completion Date: Jun-2021
Name of PD: A. K. M. Rezaul Islam