Implemented some remarkable roads & bridges at Rajshahi district under various Rural Development Projects under LGED :

  1. Tanore _ Amnura via Mundumalahat (17.10Km).
  2. Bhabanigonj to Bandaikhara road (9.28Km).
  3. Kanpara GC to Alipur road (31.96Km).
  4. Tanore  to Chowbaria  road (21.17km)
  5. Sikder – Taherpur(9.50km).
  6. Bagdani to Darshanpara  UP road (9.038km)
  7. Patiakandi to Doshor  more road (12.06km)
  8. Baya – Kasembazar(19.50km)
  9. Rajshahi court _ darushaHat (8.50km)
  10. 90m span bridge over Chanduria Shibu river.
  11. 75m span RCC girder bridge at Nakhraji Ferry Ghat road over Barnai river.
  12. 60m span RCC girder bridge at Kupakandi over Joakhali river.


There are 39 Growth Centers in this districtout of which 28 GC are already been developed by LGED’s different RD projects.

Moreover 44 Union Parishad Complex Bhaban areconstructed by LGED’s different project.

Rajshahi At a Glance
Area: 2407km2
Upazila Road: 863.96 km
Union Road: 638.94Km
Village Road: 2773.66Km VA
1888.54Km VB
Population: 2,595,197(census 2011)
Density: 1100/skmKm2
Literacy: 30.61%
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 71
No. of Pourashava: 14
No. of Primary School: 911
No. of High School: 245
No. of College: 63
Procurment, Rajshahi